Eat | Lunch at Brixton Market

We woke up on Saturday and it WASN’T raining. Hooray! This made a nice change to the stereotypical weather London had been offering over the past two weeks.

TBND, his little sis Eleanor and I decided to head to Brixton Market for lunch. Three greedy consumers, one irritatingly banned from gluten (me), but so many choices nonetheless.

We did a lap of the market and settled on Mexican food from Jalisco.

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Finger-lickin good it seems!

Tortilla-less burrito for the GF irritant. Delicious though!

And burrito’s for TBND and Eleanor. Burrito sizes are offered in ‘Regular’, ‘Large’, or ‘Massive’.

TBND seems to be eyeing up Eleanor’s burrito.

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Outside Jalisco, they have a pop-up Taco Bar too.

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Afterwards, we walked off lunch and took a look around the market and nearby streets.

And then we Rocked Down to Electric Avenue (see tiny street sign in photo above).

Just in the nick of time, as we were about to leave, I suddenly remembered we hadn’t paid a visit to Chillbox, the Greek frozen yoghurt store we’d spied earlier. We made a u-turn and hightailed it back into the market.

This is definitely my new favourite treat and I love it even more than frozen yoghurt. Natural frozen Greek yoghurt with loads of different toppings to choose from.

Your yoghurt is placed in this nifty little pink chillbox too.

That is most definitely TBND’s ‘Mmmmmm this is awesome’ face.

Never eat before Instagramming!

Swap you some of mine, if I can have a bite of yours.

And that is definitely MY ‘I am so happy right now, and thank goodness I suddenly remembered Chillbox and we made a u-turn and hightailed it back there’ face.

A successful Saturday eating session complete.

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