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On Saturday, I jumped on the tube Brixton-bound to catch up with Cath and Paul, two ex-housemates and also Amanda, Paul’s girlfriend.  With London being one of those extremely transitional cities, all too often friends up and leave to different countries.  Very few of us actually move here and stick around longterm.  Both Cath and Amanda left, C going home to Australia and then moving to Germany, and A going back home to Canada, but the good news is they’ve both just moved back, hooray!



I decided to arrange a lunch for us at Casa Morita in Brixton Village.  We all met at the restaurant and there was loads to catch up on!




Food ordered, we settled in for a couple of hours of marathon conversation.


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Paul and I showed Cath and Amanda how to act mature and civilised at a restaurant.


Our taco’s soon arrived and the conversation dimmed to a murmur as we all tucked into tortilla’s hugging shredded chicken, pulled pork and other delicious fillings.




Bellies were full, but we all left a little bit of space for a post-lunch treat.



I wasted no time in running over to Chillbox, my absolute favourite Greek Frozen Yoghurt store.  I always choose the Greek Sundae, and you need to get to Chillbox pronto to try it for yourself.


The rest of the crew settled on Federation Coffee and Anzac cookies.


Poor non-dairy consuming Amanda was saddened by the lack of milk-froth art on her coffee, but there are just some things soya cannot do!


We walked around the village, oohing and aahing at all the different cafes and restaurants we needed to try on future visits.



“I need to try Bukowski Grill’s burgers” I told the others.  “So we’ll be back tomorrow then?” Cath said tongue in cheek.  Little did I know at the time, I would actually be back at Brixton Village the very next day, trying a Bukowski Burger, and you can witness all the deliciousness of my ‘Fat Gringo’ Burger, Fries and Toffee Popcorn Milkshake in my next blog post.  Stayed tuned!

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