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Sooo I may have developed an addiction.  But thankfully it’s a good one.  My name’s Annmaree, and I can’t stop visiting Juicebaby on the Kings Road in Chelsea.

Those of you that follow along on my Instagram page will have seen my numerous shots of organic, raw, dairy free, gluten free, vegan, sin free, made from vegetables and coconuts but tastes like a chocolate brownie shots of my many visits to Juicebaby.

The problem is, it’s just so close to where I live, so I don’t even have the whole ‘well it’s two tube changes and a 15 minute walk away’ to keep my addiction under control.  Nope.  Located on the Kings Road in Chelsea, it’s convenient, and it’s all so bloody delicious so I’m very much doubting this habit is going to stop anytime soon.

In fact I just stumbled across an article on Juicebaby and I’m in the background of one of the photos! #diehardfan

juicebaby smoothie

I want to be able to let you know what my favourite thing to order is.  Except I just can’t.  Because everything there is my favourite!  I tend to order the superfood smoothies most often, and if I reaaaaally had to choose one to recommend then I would say the Nut Butter Fudge Smoothie.  Made up of peanut or almond butter (you choose!), banana, raw cacao, dates, filtered water and pink Himalayan salt.  Good, doesn’t even cover it.  This smoothie is fan-effing-tastic.

juicebaby acai bowl

Another winner?  The Acai Bowl, that’s aah-sigh-ee if you’re thinking WTF?  Oh my lordy lord are those acai bowls good!  Packed full of wild acai berry, frozen banana, dates, almond butter, coconut chips, raisins, sweet beet buckwheat, sliced banana, kiwi, blueberries.  You practically turn into a Superfood Hero after a bowl of this stuff.

juicebaby ice cream

And now we need to talk about ice cream.  So there I am one drizzly Friday afternoon (I know, I know, you’re thinking, rain?! In London? Noooo!), and two gals sit down next to me.  From the corner of my eye I spot an ice cream on a stick.  So I look up and ask ‘Did you get that HERE?!’.  I’d never seen them on the menu, or in the fridge.  But yes, Juicebaby does sell ice cream!  I feel like I suddenly joined some secret club, and two days later returned to the store, walked up to the counter and asked if they had ice cream.  Not only did they have ice cream, they had a bunch of drool worthy flavours that made it really freakin hard to choose!  So we settled on chocolate, and almond.  I am telling you now, these were so a-maz-ing that I would eat one standing outside in the rain in the middle on January getting frostbite on my fingers as I held the stick and bit into this goodness.  The base is made up of coconut meat, cashews and other guilt free, dairy free stuff.  And you need to do yourself a favour and go try one.

So I could go on, I could talk about their cheesecakes, their salads or even the delicious cashew milk latte I had there on Monday morning when I met my friend Amanda for a gluten free, dairy free, organic marathon gossip session.  But I’d be here forever, and I’d be taking up more of your time, when you could be jumping on a tube or a bus right now and getting your butt over to the Kings Road to inhale all things Juicebaby.

Let me know if you visit, and if you’re able to choose your favourite menu item!

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