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Herman ze German


I don’t know about you other gluten intolerant lot, but one thing I really missed when I had to say goodbye to gluten were sausages!  Trying to find gluten free hotdogs or sausages for the bbq was pretty damn difficult.

But then an amazing thing happened.  Herman ze German opened up in London.  And German sausages are ze best.  Particularly when they’re gluten free, which Herman ze German most certainly offers!


Three kinds of sausage are on offer – chilli beef, bockwurst and bratwurst.  Once you’ve settle on your sausage, you then choose if you want it kicking back in a bun (not gf I’m sorry!), on a plate with their kick-arse gf fries or if you’re doing ‘no-carbs before Marb’s’ then salad is also an option.  You can pile your wurst high with all sorts of toppings, I go straight for the sauerkraut and some ketchup.


It’s not fine dining, oh no, but it’s super tasty, and mega cheap.  Win, win!  With three locations in London, it’s the perfect little spot for a sneaky snack, a delicious lunch or a quick bite for dinner.    Their motto says ‘Our wurst is ze best’, and they’re not lying.  Go Germany!

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