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Hawker House

I love a good food festival.  I mean, HELLOOO, there’s food involved!  And my favourite food festival organisers are most definitely Street Feast, so there was no messing around when Hawker House opened last week.  Getting myself over to Canada Water was my top priority.

I’d actually won tickets to the preview night last Thursday, but couldn’t make it in the end, so the next best thing was getting my butt over there and through the doors of Hawker House last Friday evening.

It took us awhile to figure out exactly where Hawker House was located once we arrived in Canada Water, and we weren’t the only ones.  Groups of hipsters and trendy things stood huddled around iPhone’s trying to work out which way Google maps was telling them to walk.  We eventually got our bearings and soon enough we arrived, walking through the doors to an already lively, full house of foodies.

Bobs Lobster

As with all previous food festivals, walking around and eyeing up the edible options before joining a queue is my priority.  I want to make an informed decision on what I’m going to indulge in!  After all, there are 14 street food traders and eight bars at this year’s Hawker House.  We wandered past Bob’s Lobster, one of the food festival regulars, and I just want that little VW for myself.  A cute van that also serves food, win win!

Meat Hook Hawker House

Having given the place the once over, we jumped in line at Neil Rankin’s Meat Hook and ordered a big ol’ plate of a vegetarians worst nightmare.  Hunks of meat served with shoestring fries and Chimichurri.  It was mouthwateringly delicious, and a seriously good choice made by us if I do say so myself!

Born and Raised Hawker House

Now that we’d devoured our plate of awesomeness from Meat Hook, we’d already moved on and were on the lookout for dish number 2.  We’d spotted Born & Raised earlier, and having fond memories from our visit to Truck Stop a couple years back, and their awesome  goat’s cheese and beetroot pizza, we decided that we needed to relive that moment and order the very same pizza.

Born and Raised Pizza

We did.  We split it down the middle, and we devoured our own halve’s.  Seriously, this pizza is mag-nif-i-cent! 

Hawker House

I was most excited about lining up at White Men Can’t Jerk, mostly because the name is effing hilarious, but also because this sounded fricken amazing: ‘It’s a Wing Ting – Crispy coated, Red Stripe poached Pterodactyl (Chicken) wings covered in our very special WMCJ sauce of chilli, herbs, spices and honey’.  Some lads in front of us had just been handed their wings, but just as we were at the front of the queue, WMCJ RAN OUT OF WINGS! Noooooo!  Needless to say this will be my first port of call on my next Hawker House visit.

Meringue Girls

We wandered around, admiring everything and eyeing up what to eat on our next visit.  The Meringue Girls were there, which always makes me a little bit proud and patriotic, seeing as one half of the biz is owned by a kiwi gal.

Hawker House

They have a dessert bar set up, where you can pimp your meringues with all sorts of toppings.


Hawker House is full of bars too, some serve just beer, some only serve whiskey, and some serve all manner of alcoholic thirst quenchers.  The place was buzzing when we called it a night, friends chatting drunkenly excitedly, the DJ going crazy on the decks, and the lines for food still snaking their way around the venue.

It’s a fab way to spend a Friday night, or a Saturday night for that matter.  Hawker House is open both days, until 12th, December, 5pm – midnight.  Make your way to Canada Street, London SE16 2XU, and get in for free before 7pm, or £3 there after.

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