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Gluten Free cookies

Gluten Free cookies

Gluten Free Polar Bear Cookies

So I know it’s January and everyone is trying to stick to their new diet and exercise regime, but I just have to share this post with you on these super cute gluten free polar bear cookies I baked and decorated.

Anyone that has tried gluten free baking knows only too well how difficult it is to make something that doesn’t fall apart, isn’t too dry or doesn’t sink in the middle.  But I’m a persistent type that doesn’t like to fail, so despite throwing numerous fail’s straight into the bin, I kept on trying different recipes, convinced that eventually something I baked that was gluten free would taste and look good!

Gluten Free cookies

It was just before Christmas when I’d fallen down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest, and was glued to my iPad looking for Christmas baking and decorating ideas, that I came across an image of some adorable polar bear cookies.  I pinned them and decided that I would attempt my first batch of gluten free cookies, having very little faith that they’d actually A. look good and B. taste good.

I settled on this recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring, and I used this flour blend from Grain Changer, which btw is a-maz-ing, and have used it successfully to bake a bunch of gluten free treats.

Gluten Free cookies

Making up my dough and baking the cookies, I anxiously waited and hoped for success.  Once they were out of the oven, they were still quite soft and needed to sit overnight to harden, but I found putting them in a container in the fridge was the best way to store them and help them get some crunch.


To decorate the gluten free cookies, I followed this tutorial from Sweetopia, who is also the original creator of these polar bear cookies.  I don’t use her icing recipe, instead opting for a simple icing using Royal Icing and water, but I follow her ’10 second rule’ to get the perfect consistency to decorate and this is definitely key to successful cookie decorating!

You’ll need piping tips and bags, and I recommend looking around the Sweetopia website and also on her YouTube channel to learn exactly what you’ll need before you get started.  To colour the icing, use food colouring gels and not the cheap food colouring you find in the baking aisle of a supermarket.  Gel gives you a much deeper colour.

Gluten Free cookies

After baking and decorating, there was only one thing left to do.  Eat these gluten free cookies.  I carefully packed them into a baking tin and took them all the way to France for Christmas, where I offered them to friends the first night we arrived, slightly unsure of what their reaction would be.  Would they think they taste bad?  Would they be able to tell they were gluten free?  I needn’t have worried, after their first bite, there were mmmmm’s and omg’s, and it took everyone’s willpower to stop at one cookie.

So I guess I can count that as a successful gluten free cookie mission!  Good luck if you try them, I’d love to know if you do.

PS I bought my polar bear cookie cutter on Amazon. x

Gluten Free cookies

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