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Forest Selfridges

So far I’ve been doing pretty well ticking off my Christmas in London list. My latest adventure was last weekend with a late lunch at Forest, Selfridges.

Last year Selfridges had the same idea and opened on the rooftop with Le Chalet.  I’d loved the cosy vibe in the restaurant, and the Choctails were pretty damn good too!  This year they’ve called it Forest on the Roof, it’s essentially the same theme, with a different menu.

Forest Bar

We arrived late afternoon, made our way up to the rooftop, through the twinkling lights and past the bar to our table.

Our chairs had woollen blankets draped over them, to wrap around you and get even more snuggly.

Forest on the Roof

We looked through the drinks menu and placed an order.

Forest Selfridges

But I was too distracted by the view of the restaurants interior, than to decide on what to have for lunch.  I just love how Forest screams Winter, it is like something from a movie.

Forest Menu

I eventually sat back down from being that blogger that stands in the middle of the restaurant with their giant DSLR pointing towards diners to get the right snap.  Then I turned my attention back to the menu.


Our drinks arrived.  A Gingerbread Choctail for me (hugely overpriced, but hey it’s the silly season!), which was calorie laden with awesomeness.

Forest Selfridges

I mean, look how pleased I am with it!

Mushroom Risotto Selfridges

Shortly after our food arrived.  We’d ordered Truffled Mushroom Risotto and Duck Shepherds Pie.

Duck Shepherds Pie

Both were seriously good, and if you are visiting and you arrive hungry, then definitely go for the risotto.  It was a portion size for giants!

Forest Selfridges

We finished off lunch, stared out the window at the darkening sky as our food settled, then made our way back through the twinkling lights and down to the Christmas madness of Selfridges.

We may have completely lost our minds and spent over three hours shopping on Oxford Street, before hitting up the Mulled Wine Festival in Covent Garden.  If it looks, tastes, or smells like Christmas, I’m getting involved!

Have a great weekend everyone, I’m off for Christmas drinks and dinner ;o)

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