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Raining in Shoreditch

Raining in Shoreditch

It was last Saturday night, and the weather was looking pretty good!  So we decided to dislocate our jaws and go eat as much as we could fit in our greedy mouths at Dinerama, Street Feast London’s newest pop up market, in Shoreditch.

Dinerama Shoreditch

I love Street Feast.  They always create the best food markets.  And Dinerama was no exception.



As soon as we arrived we went for our usual plan of attack, and did a quick once-around the market to figure out what and in which order we would start devouring the food.  We are pro’s went it comes to this street food eating malarky, so I thoroughly recommend this plan of attack.

Breddos Tacos

Breddo’s Tacos was definitely on the food agenda, and being gluten free too came in super handy for me.

Street Food Market

Busan BBQ

Busan BBQ

Busan BBQ was added to the list, but sadly not for me.  Too much gluten going on there!

Yum Bun

Same with Yum Bun, on the agenda, again there was a gluten issue for moi, but maybe just a teeny tiny taster of a bite would be possible.



We head upstairs and grabbed some drinks.  There’s a gazillion bars to choose from if you’re the thirsty type.



Now as some of you know I’m a non-drinker.  But occasionally I’ll have one these days.  So I chose some concoction that included Aperol, and we head off to find some seats.

Street Feast


My drink was pretty strong, and not just because I’m a tee-totaller!  It was delicious, but a lightweight like me only need one.

Outfit Shoreditch

Drinks at Dineram

We located some seats and settled in for the evening.  I wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry after that drink, and besides, I’d brought my PA with me, and he was more than happy to go play fetch when it involved food! ;o)

Drinks at Dinerama Street Feast Shoreditch

We were ready.  It was time to let the devouring begin.

Busan BBQ Burger

The Boy Next Door went off on his food foraging mission and came back with a Busan Burger, which he informed me was the BEST thing he ate at Dinerama.  It looked so damn good too.

Smokestak Ribs

We also tucked into pork belly ribs from Smokestak and these were so worth the social awkwardness of having rib sauce all over your face and hands in public.


TBND was happily munching away, but I’d stopped him for a photo, hence the ‘Really? Now? How much longer til I can take a bite?’ look was thrown at me.

RibsWe devoured the ribs like a couple of hungry wolves and got back down to the business at hand.  What we should eat next!

Food Festival Street Food

Yum Bun

Ten minutes later, TBND was back with a steamed bun from Yum Bun, which I took a teeny tiny bite out of, and can inform you was DELICIOUS.

Breddos Tacos

We also devoured taco’s and tortilla’s with guacamole from Breddo’s Tacos.

Breddos Tacos

Breddos Tacos

So so good!

Eating Breddos Tacos

And then just after this photo, the rain appeared.  Talk about bad timing, we weren’t finished on our food marathon!


But we weren’t going to throw in the towel that easily.  And seeing as I carry my umbrella EVERYWHERE, we jumped under that as best we could.  Which wasn’t easy, seeing as it’s the smallest umbrella ever.

Raining in Shoreditch

The rain poured down around us, but we did not care, as I’d saved the tortilla’s and guacamole from the downpour and we happily munched away as others ran for cover.


Street Feast London

When the rain finally left us alone, we head downstairs for one last look around at our food options.

Street Feast

Street Feast

Dinerama was filling up with punters as night fell, and the market had a real buzz about it with everyone eating, drinking and generally being merry.


We made our last stop at BBQ Lab.


Placing our order for ‘Weapons Grade Hot’ Truffled Blue Cheese Wings.


We dived in, and they were blue cheesey, and hot and so damn good.  My mouth was on fire in that close to ‘I need water NOW’ kinda way, but I’d absolutely be down for eating these again.  So again, do yourself a favour and add them to your to-eat list!

Dinerama Shoreditch

We decided to call it quits for the evening, before we ate too much and needed to be removed by crane.  But we will most definitely be back.  Dinerama is seriously good and open all summer so you don’t want to miss this.

    Dinerama Website: here

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