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It was a perfect summer’s Sunday evening, and I was city bound with my parents for dinner.  A Christmas gift for them from The Boy Next Door, I was simply the event organiser going along for the ride.

It had been left up to me to choose the restaurant, and after much deliberation and asking friends advice, we set our sights on Depot, a restaurant and oyster bar owned by well known NZ chef, Al Brown.


Depot have a no reservations policy, so there was going to be a short wait.  They took our number, promised to call us, and we swung into the neighbouring establishment of Masu, housed on the ground floor of The Sky City Grand Hotel.


A little pre-dinner drink was the plan.



The bartender got to work on our order.

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There was a lot of shaking, turning and twisting going on.


And voila! Our drinks arrived.



We sat back, relaxed and sipped away at our cocktails.


Twenty minutes later, the phone buzzed.  Our table was ready next door at Depot.  We polished off the remainder of our drinks, settled the bill and were on our way.




The menu was huge!  Take a look at that thing!  So you know what that means?  Plenty of options.  And I’m not good at making decisions at the best of times.


Scanning the menu, weighing up the options, and finally settling on our dinner choices, we placed our order with our super friendly waitress and eagerly awaited what I was sure was going to be a delicious meal.


The starters arrived.  Green tomatoes on ciabatta with goats curd and oregano, which I’m told by my parents, who ordered this plate, was super tasty.


Also super tasty was their other dish of fish sliders with preserved lemon mayo and watercress.  They looked sooo good!


I went for a main course of hapuka fish with eggplant kasundi, lime and toasts and I can assure you that my meal was amazing.  So, so good.


But funnily enough, my favourite part of my entire meal was the chargrilled asparagus.  I cannot even begin to tell you how perfectly cooked, how deliciously chargrilled and how right on the mark this asparagus was.


Mum and Dad shared the wood roasted free range chicken with israeli couscous, aubergine and yoghurt which from my eyes looked like a winning meal.


Mains were over, but as every food loving person knows, we all have a second stomach for dessert and so we willingly obliged when the ‘Sweet As’ menu was placed in front of us to browse.


The dessert menu was torturous, everything sounded like something we simply must try, and so we narrowed it down and chose two desserts.  Jaffa self saucing choc pudd with vanilla ice cream and almonds was a no-brainer.  It was rich, chocolatey, orangery and above all, heavenly!


We also went for the famous sugar pie.  This gooey, sweet, caramel tart was one of those desserts you dream about for days, weeks, even months after consumption.

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Dinner was done, but the night was still young, so we crossed the road back to Sky City Hotel.



Past the Sky Tower and into Harrah’s Casino, we reached into our pockets for spare change, and had a little flutter on the slot machines, in the hopes of winning, but mostly just losing, yet ending the night on a high and a lot of ‘I just won $2.00!’ outbursts, until the credit reached zero and it was time to bid farewell to the night.


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