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Saturday is such a good day. The weekend lies ahead of you if you’re a Monday-Friday worker, and I always look forward to finding somewhere great to each for lunch, doing a spot of window shopping and enjoying a lazy Saturday evening, or dinner in our favourite Vietnamese restaurant, Meme in Fulham.

After a late Friday evening out enjoying dinner with friends, we still dragged ourselves to the gym to start the weekend off on the right foot, but the moment we were showered and dressed for the day, we turned our attention to food.

Southbound to Brixton Village, we settled on Casa Morita for some Mexican cuisine.

This little spot inside the market is cute, casual and the menu is super reasonable.  They serve authentic Mexican food as opposed to TexMex style burrito’s, which means lots of delicious Mexican flavour minus the post-eating ‘taco belly’, as the dishes are less overwhelming in size.

We ate taco’s with amazing toppings, from the Taco de Mole con pollo – shredded chicken in a mole sauce, to the Cochinita Pibil – pulled pork, with sides of guacamole, rice and refried beans.

Lunch was over, but we made a beeline for Chillbox, the frozen Greek yoghurt store I’ve been dreaming about ever since I tried it a month or so ago.  We ate it so quickly I forgot to take a photo sorry!  You will find evidence of this awesome treat a few blog posts back though!

The rest of our carefree Saturday was spent shopping down the Kings Road for our upcoming Amalfi trip (big, cheesy, excited grin), followed by, yep, that’s right, Vietnamese Summer Rolls and Pho from Meme. It’s getting kinda embarrassing now, we go there so often they pretty much know our order, but if you’re on to a good thing, why go and change that?

Satisfied with Saturday.

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