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Two Hands NYC

Two Hands NYC

Brunch is my absolute favourite type of meal.  If I could only have brunch for the rest of my life, I’d totes be cool with that.  I love all the options that fall into that category, from pancakes, to burgers, to eggs royale.  Give them all to me, with a side of maple syrup.

Two Hands NYC

Naturally, I did bucketloads of research on where to eat a kickarse brunch before heading to NYC, and Two Hands NYC came up during my little foodie research mission.  Aussie owned, the menu you looked awesome, so when I touched down in New York I immediately made plans to eat brunch there.

Brunch NYC

Now who better to take to Two Hands NYC, than an actual Aussie.  So I met up with Lauren, who I used to babysit when I was 18 and she was just a wee babe, crazy huh?  Disclaimer: She’s not a true blue Aussie, Lauren was born in NZ to Kiwi parents, and grew up in Australia, so she’s some kinda Antipodean fruit salad, a mix of the two countries I guess!

We arrived at the Soho branch of Two Hands NYC, early on a Saturday morning to avoid the inevitable line that would start forming around 11am.  Seated straight away, we didn’t mess around, we had coffee orders in pronto, and were all eyes on the menu, struggling to make our choice.

Acai Bowl Two Hands NYC

Lauren went for Avo on Toast, and I went for the Acai Bowl.  They were both delicious, and we finished up with the most amazing gluten free cookies! Guys, honestly, don’t be put off by those two words ‘gluten free’, these cookies are to die for!

Soho NYC

I was not satisfied with just one visit to Two Hands, hell no!  And hey, I was in NYC for three weeks, so I was going to make the most of eating great food, and taking my time over a cup of coffee whilst everyone else was at work ;o)

The Boy Next Door flew in from his work trip in Augusta, and the very next morning we jumped on the subway, Soho bound. (That’s me above en route to Two Hands again, looking pretty pleased with myself!).

Coffee NYC

Bums on seats, we placed our coffee order.  And yup, they do great coffee, in the way that Antipodeans do so well.

Two Hands NYC

The cafe is super cute btw, really bright and fresh with puffy white clouds floating overhead.

Two Hands NYC

Brunch arrived and we got stuck in.

Brunch NYC

I went for the Granola Bowl, which was super tasty, and gluten free.  That’s the great thing about Two Hands NYC, they do gluten free like it’s no big deal.  All the gluten eating lot wouldn’t notice the difference, and I didn’t feel like I was a pain in the arse asking ‘Is there gluten in this?’, they just make it gluten free from the beginning.  Thank you Two Hands for this, you have no idea how pleasant that was for a change!

Two Hands NYC

TBND went for the Acai Bowl and we split a side of Toasted Banana Bread (gluten freeeeeee!) topped with Ricotta, Honey and Coconut. HELLO! YUM!

Two Hands NYC

We paid the bill, but not before adding a couple of those bloody amazing gluten free cookies I spoke about earlier to our order.  The sun was shining, we were fuelled up from the most banging brunch, and ready to take on the NYC.

Don’t miss out on Two Hands NYC if you’re in New York!


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