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Dizengoff Cafe feta pie

Opposite Dizengoff on Ponsonby Road

Dizengoff, Ponsonby Road

I love brunch.  I’d even go as far as claiming it’s probably my favourite meal.  There’s always more options than a breakfast menu, yet still the chance to eat eggs benedict or sweetcorn fritters before the day gives way to a lunch menu full of burgers, steaks and salads.

I’d always heard great things about Dizengoff on Ponsonby Road in Auckland.  However, being a Londoner for the past 14 years means I don’t get back to New Zealand as often as I’d like to, and when I do, the days are jam packed and somehow I’ve never had time to step foot into the cafe to try out their much talked about menu.

Dizengoff sign

But this time around, on my trip back to NZ, I was not missing out.  So I dragged my parents along with me one Sunday afternoon, for our maiden voyage to have brunch at Dizengoff.

menu options at Dizengoff

Dizengoff has been around for donkey’s years, and has a fan club of everyone from hipsters to yummy mummies to suited and booted business types.  It’s popularity is simply because the coffee and the food is so damn good.

menu items at Dizengoff Ponsonby

I’d read many an article online about their legendary mushrooms on toast, apparently the best in town.   We agonised over the menu, it’s impossible to choose and not worry that you might have food envy towards the table next to you, when they order the meal you decided not to go for.

Barista at Dizengoff cafe in Ponsonby

We placed our order at the counter and the barista got to work on our coffees.

almond milk latte at dizengoff

Latte’s and flat whites were soon delivered to our table, and they absolutely lived up to their hype.  Kiwi’s and Aussies just know how to make good coffee, and Dizengoff was no exception to this.  It would be tough competition in the caffeine injected area of Ponsonby, but these guys have nothing to worry about.

dizengoff know how to make great coffee

birdseye view of coffee

feta pie at Dizengoff

And then the food arrived.  Hola!

I’d opted for the Feta Pie with salad, and it was just so unbelievably good that I no longer felt concerned as to whether the French Toast would have been a better option.

Dizengoff cafe omelette

My mum chose an omelette, which also looked seriously good, and my dad went for the roasted vegetables and sourdough, another winning option.

interior of Dizengoff, Ponsonby Road, Auckland

We tucked into our meals and oohed and aahed over their deliciousness, as the sun shone through the front entrance on a perfect summer’s day.

Dizengoff got two thumbs up from all of us, not literally, cause that would just be weird.  So if you find yourself mooching about on Ponsonby Road, and quite frankly why wouldn’t you want to, the place oozes awesome, then you MUST go in for a coffee, a bagel, or the French Toast so you can report back to me and tell me if I made the wrong decision over the Feta Pie.

Ponsonby Road street scene

With a caffeinated bounce in our step, and the sun’s warm rays beating down, we decided to take a walk along Ponsonby Road.

Casa Del Gelato on Ponsonby Road

You’ll find amazing cafes, restaurants and boutiques lined up side by side along here, and my mental to-do list of places to visit on my next trip back was growing larger with every step.

View of Auckland City

You’ll also spot this view.

Ponsonby Road

Potato Chips at Nosh Food store

We popped into gourmet food store Nosh, for a nosey around.

soda bottles at Nosh food store

Everything from the food to the packaging makes you want to reach into your wallet and spend.

Best Ugly Bagels

bottles of Relish at Nosh food store

Tapa's restaurant on Ponsonby Road

Back out on Ponsonby Road, we carried on up the street.

Butcher Ponsonby Road

Man on Ponsonby Road

And you wouldn’t believe who we saw, Santa’s second cousin, I believe this guy is!  He was such a character.

Ponsonby Central Food hall

We stumbled upon Ponsonby Central, which houses seriously cool bars, cafes and restaurants all under the one roof.  I didn’t even know this place existed, and I was so sorry to find it just before I was due to fly back to London.

Bread & Butter Bakery Ponsonby Central

It felt very ‘London’ at Ponsonby Central, I was so impressed with it all.

The Dairy at Ponsonby Central

People were out drinking coffees, eating grilled cheese, and slurping Chinese noodles.

El Sizzling Chorizo at Ponsonby Central

Chop Chop Noodle Bar at Ponsonby Central

More mental notes of places to visit on my next trip were made!

L&P sign at Fish and Chip shop

Back out onto Ponsonby Road, we crossed over and wandered down the other side of the street.

graffiti in Ponsonby

I came across some cool graffiti down a driveway.  I think we are probably all relieved that walls can’t talk!

Ponsonby graffiti

Franklin Road Ponsonby

Crossing over the beautiful tree-lined street of Franklin Road, it only seemed days ago that I’d been there to visit the Christmas lights display.

My parents on Ponsonby Road in Auckland

my h&m dress and white superga's

Ponsonby Road and Dizengoff made for the perfect Sunday afternoon, but the day was still full of opportunity.

frozen yoghurt at Kiwi Yo

And by opportunity, I mean eating frozen yoghurt loaded with numerous naughty treats, in the late afternoon Auckland sun.

my frozen yoghurt loaded with treats

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