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The sun was co-operating yesterday here in London, something it has not been doing the days previous. I was up early as The Boy Next Door was off on his two week gruelling work trip, so after my run at the gym, I decided the best way to enjoy the Saturday sunshine would be a walk around Borough Market.

For those that haven’t been to Borough Market, it’s a hop, skip and a jump from London Bridge Underground Station, the Shard towers over it, and the Thames river runs along next to it.

The markets are built under railway tracks, and you will find food to suit everyone’s palate, I promise you that!

Bridget Jones Diary fans will recognise this pub, The Globe. In the movie, Bridget lives above this pub, which is situated smack bang in the centre of the market.

Fresh, organic vegetables of every variety are available.

The bread stalls are the one thing that makes my mouth water withBread Aheadbeing one of the most popular there. Famous for not only their baked goods, but also their classes, cookbooks and these donuts….

Salted Caramel Creme flavour, topped with honeycomb.

Fresh cherries on a summer’s day? Yes please!

Lover’s of olives, there is every type you could possibly imagine!

Seafood galore, from fresh fish to crab.

This cheesemonger looks like he was getting in the spirit of Bastille Day, that was being celebrated throughout the market.

Shiny, fresh tomatoes.

The most handsome English Muffins I’ve ever seen! Toasted. Butter. Marmite. Yes, I said Marmite, I’ll even go with Vegemite, but til this day I can’t work out how one does not like this gooey black spread in a jar. Maybe it’s a Commonwealth country thing?

If you look to the right of this photo, you’ll spot Monmouth Coffee, hands down the most popular coffee spot in the area. You can kinda make out the line into the store, there will ALWAYS be a line, but if you like good coffee, remember that good things come to those who wait!

On my way out of the market to meet a friend, I spotted the Pedibus!

7l_IXe on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

You can tour London on this with up to 12 friends, alcohol and snacks are allowed onboard. I feel the need to hire this someday!

I took my new Nike’s on their maiden voyage too, they were so well behaved, no blisters, super comfy, and I would never get lost in the dark with these glowing wheels! I’m glad I didn’t opt for sandals or flip flops for the day, as I’ve just worked out by the time I got home that evening I had walked over 11km/6.8 miles, add that to my 10km morning run, I was on fire yesterday!

After admiring the food at the markets, I met my friend John and we strolled along the Southbank, soaking up the sunshine, and visiting the beach. Beach?! Yeah! Kinda! ¬†You’ll hear about that in my next post.

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