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Bleecker St. Burger

Burger and Fries

I love burgers.  Like really LOVE them.  I remember a time years ago circa. 2005 when I was eating a burger and I was so unsatisfied that I made a mental note to myself to never bother eating a burger again.

This of course was waaaaay before burgers became cool. Because they used to be just a ‘burger’, nothing more, nothing less.  But then something happened.  They became trendy.  Restaurants started added interesting toppings and then something even better happened.

The food truck phenomenon.

Week by week new burger establishments popped up in London and it was becoming a challenge to keep up with the taste testing of them all.  And hence why I only managed to try my first Bleecker St. Burger this year, 2015, when in reality they’ve been one of the major players for a long time now.

Westminster Abbey

But good things come to those who wait.  And The Boy Next Door and I had waited long enough.  When word got out that Bleecker St. Burger had opened a permanent shop in Spitalfields Market, we knew exactly what our next Sunday Cheat Day meal would be.

Jumping on a bus, to take the scenic route, we passed all of London’s major landmarks.

Big Ben London

Except what we hadn’t factored in was a parade in the West End.  This journey was going to take awhile.

London Eye

London buses

We’d only made it to the Strand and both of us were getting hungry.

City of London

Really hungry.


St. Pauls London

We looked at the Bleecker menu online to occupy ourselves and keep our eye on the prize.

St. Pauls London


The Gherkin building came in to view, which meant we were nearly there!  We got off the bus and made it over to Spitalfields Market in lightning speed.

Bleecker St. Burgers

Bleecker St. Burgers Menu

Another quick scan of the menu, and we placed our order.  A Bacon Cheeseburger for The Boy Next Door, a Cheeseburger for me and Angry Fries to share.

Double Cheeseburger and Fries


I scuttled off to find us seats, waiting impatiently for our food to appear on the counter.

Spitalfields Market

And finally there it was!

Burger and Fries

Come to mumma!

Bleecker St. Burger

We sunk our teeth into our burgers and made lots of appreciative noises.  The bun, the meat, the cheese.  EVERYTHING was so good, so juicy, so tasty.  There are no words to describe its goodness really.

Bleecker St. Burgers Spitalfields Market

The thing I really loved about my Bleecker St. Burger was that it was the perfect size.  Not too small, yet not so huge that it had me so full and in need of being rolled out of the market.  It was just the right amount, where you’re left thinking, damn that was amazing, I could probably have just one more bite.  That in my books is the right size for a burger.

Bleecker Burger Angry Fries

We devoured the Angry Fries.  They should have been called ‘Hangry’ Fries.  Hanger is a life threatening illness I suffer from.  Life threatening to others, because I become a dangerous and vicious weapon when I’m hungry.  But if you just stay 10 metres away and throw Angry Fries in my direction, my hanger will dissolve into happiness.

So all in all, a major high five to Bleecker St. Burger for creating my favourite burger in London.  I am so damn hungry now after writing this.

London Brora Winter Fashion

We left Spitalfields Market and head out into the COLD London weather (our visit was in March, so I’m a little late on this post!), but with happiness in our burger lovin’ hearts!

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