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Chobani Desserts NYC

Hamilton's Soda Fountain Desserts in NYC

I lurrrve dessert.  I try to keep treats to the weekend, and stick to a healthy diet during the week, but when I’m on vacation, I loosen the belt buckle a little (okay maybe more than a little).  I’m like one of those sniffer dogs at the airport, with an unbelievable knack at seeking out the very best desserts within the vicinity, and indulging purely out of utter greed selfless research to let you guys know where to get your sweet tooth on!

So when I was in NYC, I made it my duty to find all things sweet, and here I share with you 4 Must-Eat Desserts in NYC….

Chobani Desserts in NYC

1. Chobani

I thought it best to ease into this list, starting with a somewhat healthy treat.  Chobani is a Greek yoghurt brand that has a yoghurt bar based in Soho.  My friend Arthur is my NYC twin, we love New York more than your average Joe, and I remember him telling me about Chobani a few years ago.  I stored that info in the dessert filing cabinet in my memory and made a beeline for it when I was in NYC.  They offer sweet and savoury options, but we are here to talk about the sweet stuff!  The menu is a-maz-ing, with options such as Pistachio and Chocolate, which basically means a big old pile of yoghurt topped with pistachios, dark chocolate, sliced orange, fresh mint and clover honey.  I opted for the Peanut Butter and Jelly option – Greek yoghurt topped with creamy peanut butter, fresh red grapes, grape jelly (jam for the Brits!) and roasted peanuts.  Sounds good right?  It is, so get your Greek yoghurt lovin’ butt there.

Dominique Ansel Desserts in NYC

2. Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Here I was hanging out in NYC, and a text message popped up on my phone: ‘Don’t die but I’m on my way to NYC!’.  So this was the best news ever.  You know Arthur, the friend I mentioned above who introduced me to Chobani?  He was on his way to NYC for business, and I was so excited to spend a couple of hours with my New York twin.  We met up in Union Square, and Arthur knew exactly where to go.  To the new and ‘must be seen at’ Dominique Ansel Kitchen, you know, the cronut inventor!  (If you don’t know what a cronut is, SHAME ON YOU, get on Google immediately and come back to me when you’ve educated yourself).

Dominique Ansel Desserts in NYC

We arrived on the most gorgeous sunny afternoon, to no queues – yaay for being on vacation and catching up when everyone else was at work.  Arthur nudged me and whispered ‘There’s Dominique!’, we O.M.GEED and then turned to the glass cabinet of sugary happiness.  There were so many beautiful looking desserts, but ol’ gluten free me put a stop to some of those options.  We settled on a Creme Fraiche Cheesecake with Truffle Honey and Chocolate Mousse, and we O.M.GEED like 30 more times, it was beyond amazing. Go go go visit the Godfather of Desserts in NYC!!!!

Dominique Ansel Desserts in NYCThe City Bakery Desserts in NYC

3. The City Bakery

The City Bakery is a much loved NYC spot, located in the Flatiron district.  When you walk in you’re immediately greeted with a huuuuuge array of delicious looking pastries and cakes on the counter.  In the centre of the cafe there’s even a mini chocolate boutique room.  The salad bar looks to die for too, but we were there for one thing, their much talked about hot chocolate.  We paid for our hot chocolate’s and stopped to take a sip before stepping back out onto the sidewalk.  Sweet mother have mercy, these hot chocolates knocked us on our arse in the best way possible.  They were super rich, and not for the faint hearted.  Basically my dream hot chocolate!  If you have a sweet tooth, and chocolate is your thing, these super thick cups of heaven are the perfect dessert in NYC for you.

Doughnut Project Desserts in NYC

4. The Doughnut Project

So I have to state from the beginning, that I couldn’t indulge in anything from The Doughnut Project.  But I’d read about it, I’d done a recce at their West Village store, and when The Boy Next Door landed in NYC I dragged him to the West Village to try a donut for me.  These guys are definitely the cool kids on the block when it comes to donuts in NYC.  Their menu isn’t the standard donut menu you’d usually expect to see.  Nope.  These guys go way beyond the norm with flavours like ‘These Beetz are Dope’, award winning and involving beetroot and ricotta cheese, say what?!  Or perhaps the ‘Wayney Wonder’ is more your thing,  a donut that blends together a salted chocolate glaze with buttered pretzel, ritz, & potato chip crumble. TBND thought long and hard, and he eventually got his mitts on a Maple Bacon Bar (see that beauty of a donut in the photo below), a maple glazed rectangular doughnut with a fresh strip of sizzling bacon.  I was SO jealous, I sniffed it, I stared at it and I put up with TBND ‘Mmmm’ing’ and ‘OMG’ing’ all the way through the West Village as he munched away.  Get your inner Homer Simpson there and if you meet owner Leslie, tell her Annmaree from London sent you!

Doughnut Project Desserts in NYC

I could bang on for like ever about all the amazing sugary treats in NYC, I mean there’s something on every block that makes you think ‘I need to try that’.  But these 4 Must-Eat Desserts in NYC will not disappoint, I promise!  And if you need more than 4 recommendations, which quite frankly why wouldn’t you, take a look at my Gluten Free in NYC post, which is good if you’re a gluten lover or a gluten hater, it’s full of info on cookies, bagels and donuts.  I’ve got your back guys, stick with me and you’ll easily gain 10 pounds in 2 days in NYC, I mean isn’t that what you’re meant to do in New York?!

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