Detour | West Elm & Wasabi


Monday?! Already? I don’t know how this happens, but Monday always arrives too soon.  One minute it’s Friday evening, then I blink, and next thing the alarm is going off way too early, and I’m pulling on my gym shoes to start another week.

I guess it’s true what they say, time really does fly when you’re having fun.

This weekend past was fairly low key, and I quite like those kind of weekends.  Despite the low key feel, we packed plenty in, starting with Lebanese for dinner on Friday evening from Rodizio Lebanon.  We’d not eaten here before, but it ticked all the boxes: reasonably priced, healthful, and delicious.


Saturday usually doesn’t start until we’ve made the obligatory trip to the gym, so we dragged ourselves down there to work out and get on with enjoying our weekend.  Being creatures of habit, we made our usual stop for coffee at Kafana in Fulham, cappuccino for TBND and an almond milk latte for me.

These were chased down by protein shakes from Moosh.  We love the Gym Buddy: chocolate protein, peanut butter, banana, oats (not for gluten free me!) and milk.  Tastes like a chocolate milkshake.

We jumped on a bus and head into the West End, as we’d been chatting about West Elm, the Williams Sonoma owned Homeware store from USA, and both being suckers for homeware stores we decided to pay a visit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 08.45.08

My favourite find in the store that day was definitely this tote bag.


We soon made a beeline for the in store coffee shop.


And I was so pleased to see Kooky Bakes were their chosen supplier of baked goods.  The Kooky Bakes guys are my favourite bakers in London, so if you’ve not tasted any of their baking magic yet, you need to address that immediately!




Drinks orders were placed.



Latte’s all around.  And then I was so sad I hadn’t seen the Iced Coffee sign earlier!  Oh well, next time!


Definitely my ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday!’ smile there.


And then I found THIS.  It sounded too good not to purchase. But I needed to wait until Sunday Sinday to try it. #willpower

We walked through the back streets and finally arrived at Selfridges, where TBND coveted the floor selling trainers, and I coveted the floor selling chocolates.  Which made me hungry.  So we did a quick Google search to find the closest location for one of our favourite meals…


…. sushi from Itsu.  Only a 340 metre walk from Selfridges, it was meant to be!


We eat this stuff so often I really don’t know how I could live without Itsu.


TBND’s collection of soya sauce bottles.  Big fan of soya sauce obviously!  He uses equal amounts of Wasabi to soya sauce, hence the ‘Wasabi’ mention in the title.


Who’s hungry now?

Bellies full, we went our separate ways, TBND had a date with the tv at his friends house to watch football, so I dodged that bullet and went to visit my friend Cath, for a much more civilised, girly catch up over tea.

Saturday night finished the way many a Saturday night has previously, walking home happily full after Vietnamese Summer Rolls and Pho from MeMe Vietnamese Restaurant. Hmmm, I’m beginning to think this post title should have started with ‘Eat’ instead of ‘Detour’.


Sunday.  Sinday!  Hooray! Come at me calories.  I’d been out of bed maybe 30 minutes max, it was most definitely still breakfast time, but I suddenly remembered the chocolate bar I’d bought at West Elm the day before.  So you know what I did?  I ate it, as a pre-breakfast snack.  Yep.  Guilt?  Not one teeny bit.  I enjoyed every single mouthful.


We decided that pancakes seemed like a very good idea indeed for this Sunday’s breakfast, so after popping in for our take-out coffees from Kafana, we jumped on the bus to the Kings Road for a calore laden meal of giant pancakes from My Old Dutch.  You may have read a previous post in which I spoke about this place.  It’s so great, as they offer gluten-free pancakes, so I can still indulge.  The ‘Full English’ pancake was devoured by TBND and I went totally sweet and sinful with a gf pancake topped with Nutella and Banana.  Utterly satisfying.  Not to mention very, very filling.

I left TBND on the KR and raced home to finish some work.  Yes work on a Sunday, no rest for the wicked.

Soon enough I met up with TBND again for another favourite Sunday indulgence of mine: cake.


Down to Tinto Cafe we went.  Banana cake for him.  Gluten free carrot cake for me.  I can’t tell you how in love I am with this cake.  Nowhere else have I tried a gluten free cake that tastes so good, in fact nowhere else have I tried a carrot cake that tastes so good, regardless of the gluten factor!  It really is the best.  We may have split one of their brownies later too (also gluten free, also unbelievably good).

Sunday night arrived and Monday was upon us all too soon.  So we drowned any sorrows in another sinful meal.  Barbecued burgers with a side of melted cheese topped fries, drowning in ketchup and sour cream.  Trust me on the sour cream part, fries never tasted so good!

And now, Monday is here, and all that delicious indulgence is just a distant memory.  Rice cakes topped with turkey ham and avo anyone?  No?

Happy Monday everyone x

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