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Weekend Soho

Happy Tuesday everyone!  You’ve made it through nearly two whole days of the working week, hooray!

How was your weekend?  I had a fun one, and I just love those types of weekends!

It started out on Friday evening in Soho, with a plan to head to Flat Iron.  It quickly became apparent that everyone else in London had the same idea, the wait for a table was 1 hr 45 minutes, so I decided I didn’t need a steak that much and instead head in the direction of one of my constant favourites, La Bodega Negra Cafe Plates of tortillas and guacamole, steak fajita and roast chicken were placed at our table, and we devoured the lot.  It’s a really great location, if you’ve not made a reservation, but you’re in the mood for somewhere vibrant, with delicious food, smack bang in the middle of Soho.

coffee Maltby Street Market

I woke on Saturday morning and my first thought was ‘Nooooo I don’t want to go to the gym’, but I dragged my protesting self, and spent 30 minutes running like a maniac on the treadmill, making room for a chocolate brownie later getting some interval training in.

I had an afternoon meeting at one of my favourite food markets, Maltby Street Market, and co-incided that with a lunch date with one of my girlfriends.  We arrived at the market hungry and in need of caffeine, so we hit up a coffee stand and wandered around Maltby Street taking in all the delicious smells of food, trying to figure out how the hell we were going to make a decision on lunch.

We did, and it was in the form of Herman ze German sausages with curry sauce, because **NEWSFLASH** their sausages are GLUTEN FREE!!! I only discovered this recently, and realise how many opportunities I’ve missed to eat there as I’ve wandered past their various London locations thinking it was out of the picture for gluten dodging me.  As soon as I spotted them at Maltby Street, my agony of what to eat for lunch was over, and it was delicious too!

Weekend Maltby Street Market

Now the only problem with the Herman ze German stand being at Maltby Street, is that it just so happens to be set up right next to Bad Brownie, and Bad Brownie just so happen to have gluten free options. I also have a loyalty card and I’m obsessed with getting stamps on those things(anything for free cake!).  My friend Jo had never tried their brownies, and so there was basically no reason I could see to NOT eat one.  I bit into my gluten free salted caramel brownie as we left the markets, and I swear I forgot all of life’s troubles in that very moment.

Weekend Sloane Square

Something really great happened when I woke up on Sunday morning.  THE SUN WAS SHINING! I could not believe my luck, a sunny day, they seem almost as rare as catching sight of a rainbow these days.  Still, I just didn’t trust Mother Nature, it might be sunny, but it could still be freezing, so I did a little test run out the front door of my building just to check.  WARM SUN!  Back inside, I shimmied into some shorts, grabbed my sunnies and I was ready for the day.

The first stop was the Kings Road, a bit of homeware shopping in Peter Jones, microwaves, dvd’s, that sort of thang!  And then a little wander down the KR to Office to check out the latest in trainers (slight obsession).

Weekend Juice Baby

We soon gave up on shopping, and I had a much better idea.  Sun = compulsory ice cream eating.  Juice Baby just so happens to be on the Kings Road, and they sell these A-MAZ-ING ice creams, which aren’t really ice creams at all.  They’re made by blending up all sorts of healthy ingredients, including coconut flesh and cashews to create these fabulous ice creams on a stick.  You’ve got to try them!

Weekend Outfit Post

Back outside in the sunshine, we wandered back to the car, driving all the way to Peckham.  After a wander around and changing our minds on eating dinner there, we drove all the way back to Chelsea to eat, oops!  But I do love a little wander around Peckham, it’s such a vibrant and fun place.   Instead we settled on a new favourite, Rosa’s Thai Cafeyou’ll find quite a few dotted around London and I can HIGHLY recommend the Green Chicken Thai Curry with Sticky Coconut Rice.  In fact I’m not sure I will ever order anything else when I’m there, it’s perfect everytime!

The weekend was over.  But a good weekend always sets you up for a better week in my opinion, and so far that is proving true.  AND THE SUN IS SHINING!

Enjoy your week everyone x

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