Detour | Sun, Sand, The Southbank and Some Seriously Awkward Photos

I met up with my friend John for a late lunch on Saturday, taking advantage of the hot, summery day, we dined al fresco at The Refinery in Southwark.

Iced latte’s to start with.

Watermelon and Feta Salad appetiser for John.

A Chicken Club on gluten free bread for me and a Steak Sandwich for John.

There is no concern of John ever being camera shy!

Following lunch, we made our way towards the river and walked along the Southbank.

Playing ‘Pick the humans up off the beach’.

And then we spotted sand! As close to a beach as we can get in London, we were down those stairs in a heartbeat.

JD 4 AB.  Don’t tell The Boy Next Door!  I complained that one of my initial’s barely made it into the heart.  John tells me ‘No love is perfect!’.  Okay, fine.

And then we noticed this guy! An artist called ‘The Beach Captain’, who creates sand sculptures for passersby to be puzzled by, gawp at, and enjoy.

I came out from behind the camera for a bit, and John took over.

He shot this picture which is pretty cool if I do say so myself, on the ‘beach’, next to the Thames with St Paul’s Cathedral making up the backdrop.

From there, my modelling skills went downhill, in the most hilarious and awkward of ways.  You see, John does this stuff for a job, so he’s perfectly at ease posing any which way he’s asked, whereas when he was calling out the ‘look’ I should give, I just got it all so very wrong, but it makes for a rather funny set of shots…

Confused.  Although that wasn’t the look John had requested.

That’s definitely my ‘I feel so awkward right now’ face.  Not to mention there were plenty of people on the sidewalk above to witness this whole event.

Mr Ed?

Totally professional.  Yep.

Yes, definitely time to consider a career in modelling.


I honestly have no idea what is going on in this snap.

‘Are we done yet!?’  Not sure if I’m laughing or crying in this one!

nIPqc8 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

We turned our attention back to The Beach Captain, before continuing to make our way along the Southbank.

Snog Frozen Yogurt’s latest location, and most definitely their coolest! (pardon the pun).

Over the bridge and into the West End I parted ways with John and detoured to Topshop in the search of a sun hat for my upcoming Italy trip.  Why is it so hard to find a good sun hat?!  Two weeks to find one, any suggestions?

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