Detour | Spa Day – Pullman Hotel


It was an overcast and not so summery looking day in Auckland, which made heading to The Pullman Hotel even better. There was no good reason to be hanging around outdoors.

My mother and I were being treated to post and pre birthday treats from my brother and sister-in-law.  Lucky us!


Through the lobby, we made our way downstairs to The Spa.


We checked in at reception, grabbed our locker keys and head in the direction of the changing rooms to get robed and slippered up.


Except my niece Mikala, who wanted nothing to do with the beauty treatments, but everything to do with the swim in the giant pool afterwards.



We entered the lounge area and relaxed until our therapists arrived to meet us.



Soon enough, our therapists came out to greet each of us and escort us to our treatment rooms.


My one hour facial was heavenly.  The therapist starts with asking about your skin condition, your daily routine etc and tailors the facial to your needs.

One hour felt like ten minutes and I begrudgingly rolled off the bed, when I could’ve happily lay there for another hour.  That’s when you know a facial is good!


Skin cleansed, toned, pummelled and moisturised, we head back out to the lounge.


Tea of every description was offered, along with snacks.


img_3478 (1)

We were in no hurry after an hour of pure relaxation.  We took our time to chat, sip our tea and munch on snacks.


img_3486 (1)

Feeling energised again, Mikala and I got changed to use the pool facilities and jumped right in.

img_3508 (1)

Well that’s not true, Mikala jumped right in and I said it was too cold and scurried off to the jacuzzi!

img_3579 (1)



It was time to think about lunch, so pool time came to an end, a few snap shots were taken in the lobby and we then made our way down to Auckland City’s waterfront.



Arriving at Wynyard Quarter near Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour, we set off in the direction of Jar Tar for lunch.


Jack Tar is a bar and eatery, with casual dining, that was clearly popular with the locals, at least on the day we were there anyway.



We pondered over the menu, deciding between burgers, salads and fish & chips.

img_4816 (1)

img_4818 (1)

Mikala and my mum split a portion of fish & chips, which looked more like whale & chips, judging by the enormous size of the plate of food when the waiter placed it down between them!

img_4819 (1)


Kelli, (my sister-in-law) went for a salad, which looked delicious.

img_4823 (1)

So did I and it was a perfect choice.


Ploughing our way through lunch, we made our way back out to Wynyard Quarter and the overcast skies of Auckland. Summer? Are you there? Hellooooooo?



Crossing the road, we popped into my new favourite Juice bar, Tank, for a little post-lunch treat.


100% guilt free and 100% DELICIOUS.



Juices in hand, smiles on our faces, we made our way towards our car, homeward bound after a perfect birthday treat day.

img_4840 (1)

Oh.  And we happened to drive by ‘Marilyn Monroe Santa’ on the way.  #coolestsantaever.

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