Detour | Shoreditch Sunday


Last Sunday started out really well.  As soon as my gym workout was done, I raced home via the coffee shop to grab an almond milk latte.  Back home, I toasted my gluten free cinnamon & raisin bagel, waiting impatiently for it to pop out of the toaster so I could top it with nutella and banana.  It was Cheat Day and I was going to make the most of it!

Belly full, I got ready with a bounce in my step, because not only was the sun shining in London, it was warm too.  I pulled on my denim shorts and my new Cos top and set off in the direction of Shoreditch.


I met up with Cath en route, and we made our way towards Liverpool Street Station.  After a visit to Montezuma’s chocolate shop to pick up a packet of their delicious Milk Chocolate Buttons, we made our way towards Brick Lane via the less busy streets around the area.


Some of the architecture in the area is truly beautiful.  You will discover amazing buildings and apartments down the various side streets.


As well as some pretty cool graffiti.


We carried on towards the buzz of the crowds and the delicious food aroma’s near Brick Lane.



You’ll always discover something new and fun on a visit to this part of town, and I found this guy serving coffee from a Black Cab.  Cool or what?



A little further down the street, we spotted truffles piled high in the window of a new chocolate store.  We were in through those doors as fast as our legs could carry us.




I think these photos speak for themselves, but how unbelievably delicious do they look!?

img_3856img_3853 (1)

img_3855 (1)


We maintained self control and didn’t make a purchase, with the plan of indulging in Banana Frappes a little further down the street from Coffee @ Brick Lane.img_3859

Frappe’s in hand we wandered over to Columbia Road Flower Market, admiring all the beautiful flowers and laughing at the stall seller’s bad jokes.  The area was alive with people everywhere, listening to street musicians, drinking coffee and eating ice creams from this adorable little ice cream store.



Back over towards Box Park, we were chatting away when I spied this little guy over Cath’s shoulder.  Those who don’t know, must understand I am completely and utterly obsessed with British Bulldogs.  All sense of shame goes out the window and whenever I spot one, I turn into an excitable child, racing over to the owner to ask if I can pat their dog.


Thankfully the owners are always friendly, and so I cooed over Spike the 1 year old British Bulldog and even had a hold of the lead, realising just how strong these dogs are.


Dragging myself away from Spike, my new best friend, our minds yet again turned to food and it was at that moment we spied Dirty Burger across the road.



We stood in front of the menu and drooled.  Then placed our order.




It looks pretty good huh?



Bellies were filled with burgers and fries, before we made our way out into the late afternoon sun.


Making our way back towards the train station, past the beautiful buildings, it was time to turn our focus to the next important event of the day.  X Factor.  Yes I really did just say that.  It was time to get home and get settled on the sofa to see which singers Simon and Louis were picking for their teams.


Back home on the sofa, I decided that a piece of carrot cake and some chocolate buttons were covering all of Sunday nights food groups for dinner.  And it was at that very moment that I thought to myself, Sometimes it’s great to be an adult, I’m eating cake for dinner and no one can tell me off.  Happy Sunday Indeed.

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