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Sunday is always that day, that day where we sleep in, that day where we eat cake, and that day where we feel entirely lazy.

A few Sunday’s go, we did just that.  Slept late, met friends for a lazy brunch, and walked down to Tinto Cafe in Fulham for cake.  And lot’s of it!

We devoured a Nutella muffin, banana cake with cream cheese frosting and a frozen yoghurt cookie sandwich.  No one could ever accuse us of not putting in our best effort when it comes to food.

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TBND looks a little unsure here, though I think it’s just frozen yoghurt brain freeze.

    ice cream sandwich

Following the devouring of cake, we made our way towards the river, to stretch our legs and walk off some of that sugar.

We live just a 10 minute walk from the Thames River, but it’s so easy to forget about it when you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of London life.

We followed the path along the river until we reached Hammersmith.

Along this stretch of the river, there are some really great pubs to visit.

What is also nice is the lack of people, that is a rear view in London!

After a little look inside The Dove pub, I fell in love and promised I would be back for Sunday lunch.

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Another thing you will notice as you walk along the river are the houses.  They are AMAZING!  Large is an understatement, they are all so beautiful, so we chose out a few to purchase when the lottery win eventually happens.

Legs stretched and with a rare feeling of being relaxed, which isn’t that common when you live in a busy city, we turned out thoughts to dinner and made our way home, ready for another week ahead.

I’ll be sure to let you know how the Sunday lunch goes when we make it back to The Dove sometime soon.

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