Detour | Poppies & Prawn Dumplings


Visiting the Poppies at the Tower of London had been on the to-do list for some time.  And before we knew it Remembrance Day had been and gone, and the volunteers were already starting to remove this amazing installation.

So we hightailed it there last weekend to catch a glimpse.


Everywhere we looked, there was a sea of ceramic poppies, a truly amazing sight to see.  Visitors were there in their thousands to get a glimpse, and snap away with their cameras.



I’m so glad we didn’t miss the opportunity to see this, marking the 100 year anniversary of Britains involvement in the First World War.




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We walked towards Tower Bridge, so TBND could stand on it for the first time.  It’s one of those things you just don’t really do when you’re a local!


I got into full tourist mode, and posed for a Tower Bridge photo.



The river was buzzing with boats up and down the Thames.



Photos taken, we took a walk into Shoreditch for lunch.  Vietnamese rolls were on our mind, so we head in the direction of miss chu.


Our eyes are always bigger than our bellies when we eat here.  Grabbing the paper menu, where you tick off what you want to order, we quickly filled up the sheet with our requests.

img_4398 (1)

The sashimi tuna rice paper rolls arrived and we wasted no time in devouring those before the next plate arrived.


The Prawn Har Gau steamed dumplings are so delicious (and gluten free!) I could eat them all day!

Miss Chu



Beef Pho followed the dumplings, before I declared myself full, and TBND ticked some more off on the menu because I don’t think it’s possible for a guy to ever feel full.

img_4397 (1)


Working off lunch, we head off into the night, oh wait no we didn’t, it was probably about 4pm in the photo above!  Hello Winter!

Ace Hotel Shoreditch

We popped in to the Ace Hotel for a pit stop, I was after a sit down and some peppermint tea.  But they were all out of tea, and all out of water.  Thirsty customers that day obviously!  So we head back out into the darkening skies.


It wasn’t long before we stumbled upon some great shopping on Curtain Road, before finally locating a spot to stop for tea and coffee frappe’s.

Evening was upon us, and so was X Factor, and with that thought it was time to get on the tube back home.


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