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Pop Brixton

Pop Brixton

You probably won’t believe me, but it was almost a Summer’s day in London last Sunday.  I know, I can hardly believe it myself!  Still I didn’t trust the BBC Weather App or the iPhone Weather App (WORST APP EVAAAA!), and so I clung to the safety of jeans, JUST-IN-CASE.  The weather in London makes me paranoid, I’m always preparing for the worst case scenario.

It was so nice outside, that I rolled out of bed and went running along the Thames river, before returning home sweaty and out of breath to jump in the shower and get ready for lunch in Brixton.

Senzala Brixton

I wanted to have a proper look around the cool new set up called Pop Brixton that opened a little over a week ago, but I decided to drag The Boy Next Door for lunch at Senzala Creperie in Brixton Village first.

Senzala Brixton Menu

I’d been here for lunch the Sunday before with a friend, and I was desperate for another of their gluten free buckwheat crepe’s.   I’d promised The Boy Next Door he would not be disappointed.  I was that confident in their amazingness.

Senzala Brixton

We scoured the menu and made our decision, The Picante for TBND, consisting of cheese, homemade spicy minced beef, red onions, fresh tomatoes, red peppers and jalapeño peppers, with an added fried egg on top.  The Dujhan for me, filled with garlic mushrooms, caramelised onions, asparagus, sundried tomatoes, rocket and spinach, drizzled with maple & mustard dressing, and of course a fried egg on top too.

Senzala Brixton Food

Seriously.  Guys.  TBND took one bite, looked up at me and said ‘Oh My God! I want another one!’.  I promise you, you’ll love them.  There are sweet crepe’s too (NUTELLA!), and I’m determined to get back there for those.

We finished our food in record time, paid the bill and wandered over the road to Pop Brixton.

Entrance to Pop Brixton

What is Pop Brixton you ask?  It’s the coolest new space that was created by the local community to also support the local community.  You’ll find food and drink establishments, shops, artists, live music, the list goes on.

Built out of shipping containers, inside you will find loads of alleyways, balconies, bars and shops.  It’s a treasure trove of a small space.

Brixton new pop up

We wandered around and started exploring.

Made of Dough Brixton

There are SO many great food places here.  Made of Dough being one of them, with their wood fired pizza oven and awesome combinations on offer.

Koi Ramen Brixton

Koi Ramen Bar looked pretty good too.

Yumi Tub Brixton

Yumitub was gathering a crowd.  Described as Thai Ice cream, the owners discovered this form of ice cream making whilst on vacation in Thailand.  The ice cream is literally made before your eyes, and you can even choose mix-in’s, which they throw into the ice cream and then murder the hell out of with their metal flipper’s.  It’s on my ‘to-try’ list on my next visit.

Pop Brixton

It was so sunny and warm outside, and when this happens in London, EVERYONE celebrates.  The day will usually start with various photos popping up on your Facebook newsfeed from friends showing iPhone screenshots of the current temperature.  Locals get that excited about the sun and anything over 19c.  Including me.

So this meant Pop Brixton was pretty busy, as you can tell from the photos.  But not too busy that you felt you had to shoulder barge people to get past them.  It was good busy.  And the bars there would have made a killing that day, because it truly was amazing weather.

Pop Brixton

Can you see me down there!?

Viet Box Brixton

Viet Box was another food stall that looked worth trying on my next visit.


Sunday at Pop Brixton

We walked around some more, up and down stairs, and on to balconies to people watch.

Sunday at Brixton

You’ll also discover some very cool art work on the walls as you’re walking around checking everything out.

Brixton Sunday

Our little tour of Pop Brixton was over, but I’ll Be Back (to be read in an Arnie voice).  And Londoner’s you should definitely get yourselves down there too!  Even if just for that personalised ‘made before your eyes’ ice cream.

Pop Brixton

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