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Chelsea Market

Astoria New York

So I’m a liiiiittle bit behind on my New York blog updates, but there’s just so much to do in that city, I never really had time to share anything more than some images on Instagram.

The Wooly Coffee

Time to get onto my adventures during week two of my New York trip!  Starting off the week with good coffee.  I’d scoped the internet and Instagram for good coffee spots, and came across The Wooly Daily.

The Wooly Daily

Located downtown, and conveniently en route to Century 21, a giant discount clothing store, I swung by for an almond milk latte.  The coffee was good, and I revisited a week later, so definitely one to add to your list.  The rest of the afternoon was spent purchasing Calvin Klein underwear at a heavily discounted price in Century 21.  Thank you America!

The next morning I was off to Washington DC for the night with friends.

new york

Back in NYC, I spent many an afternoon wandering the streets, and soaking up the energetic vibe of the city.

new york

And I never forgot to glance upwards, as it’s often the best view you’ll get in New York.


Stumbling across one of the foodie spots on my list one day, Liquiteria, I grabbed some gluten free french toast with cashew cream to enjoy for breakfast the next morning.  When I woke up the next day, I was out of bed and in the kitchen as quick as lightning to prepare my breakfast.  Super healthy, sugar free french toast.  With cashew cream.  Again, thank you America!

Chelsea Market

Week two had some very London-like days, rain, cold, drizzle, more cold, wind and repeat.  My umbrella blew inside out multiple times as I walked the streets of the Meatpacking District, one of my favourite areas in New York.  I popped into Chelsea Market for a gluten free bagel with walnut cinnamon cream cheese, because when in New York, bagels are a must.  And when you find a gluten free version, you don’t turn that down!

Rebel Coffee NYC

The bagel was washed down a little later by more great coffee.  I stumbled upon Rebel Coffee unintentionally, as I was heading through the West Village.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This very trendy cafe was quiet and calm, with Macbook Freelancer’s tapping away, and my almond milk latte was pretty damn good.

west village new york

The West Village is quite possibly my favourite area in New York if I was playing that ‘where would I live if I was loaded’ game.  It’s so pretty.  The treelined streets.  The gorgeous buildings.  And everyone has adorable dogs.

west village new york

Another common theme in New York are Tarot Readers and Psychics.  They’re everywhere.  What’s that about!?

new york

And those fire stations.  I feel like a train spotter, but I can’t get enough of them.  Aren’t they awesome?

ottos tacos

Ending my Meatpacking/West Village afternoon with chicken tacos and masa fries at Otto’s Tacos was a very, very good idea.  A great little spot, and gluten free too!


With the weather not playing ball, running outside was becoming impossible, so I swung by a gym in Queens and signed up for a few days.  It was good to get a few workouts in!  If you like sticking to your fitness routine on vacation, definitely ask the local gym if you can pay for a temporary membership.  This is the second time I’ve done this in NYC and they’ve always been really accommodating.

birthday cake bagel

And thank goodness for those gym workouts, as I decided to hit up Tompkins Square Bagels one afternoon, for a gluten free bagel and discovered the Instagram famous Birthday Cake Cream Cheese, so I couldn’t turn that down!  Very sweet, but delicious all the same.

east village

I spent the rest of that afternoon walking off the sugary cream cheese, and discovering awesome street art around the East Village.

east village

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit New York, I’m always excited to see yellow cabs and all the famous NYC landmarks.

Grand Central Station

Including the beautiful Grand Central Station.

liquiteria new york

On Sunday I meet up with my friend Lauren for breakfast at Urbanspace Vanderbilt, an indoor food market next to Grand Central Station.  We ate Acai Bowls from Liquiteria before doing a little window shopping.

Erin McKennas Bakery

Waving goodbye to Lauren, I had one thing on my mind.  Gluten free donuts.  Power walking over to the Lower East Side, I walked through the doors of Erin McKenna’s Bakery and gazed through the glass display cabinet at all the donuts.

Erin McKennas Bakery

But I couldn’t just walk away with a donut.  Hell no.  So I settled on a mochaccino donut and a cinnamon bun.  The donut was gone in 2 minutes before I even left the store, and the cinnamon bun, well I’d had great intentions to save it for later, but it was gone soon after I left the store.  They were SO.GOOD.  Even if you’re not gluten or dairy intolerant, these baked goods people, are THE BEST.  THE.BEST.


It feels like everyone in New York owns dogs.  Not just one dog.  Multiple dogs.  And given that I’m a wee bit obsessed, I found myself stopping multiple times a day to say hello to the various dogs who crossed my path.  But nothing beat the afternoon in the Upper West Side, when I spotted these Great Danes.  The photo does not do justice to just how big these animals were.  They were horse-dogs.  It was unbelievable.  And I still wonder how the dog walker would control them if a cat crossed their path?!

Innside Hotel New York

At the end of week two, I left my home away from home in Queens, saying goodbye to my friends Julian and Arthur, and jumped in a cab to Manhattan.  Checking in at the Innside Hotel on W 27th Street.

Innside Hotel New York

A brand new hotel, in a great location, I jumped on the bed to check out its cosiness factor, 10/10, before inspecting everything from the mini bar to the free toiletries.

Innside Hotel New York

Innside Hotel New York

Innside Hotel New York

With floor to ceiling windows, I was glad we were no higher than the 9th floor.  My legs were feeling a bit weak looking down towards the street below, although you’d never know from this photo.


Back out on the streets of Manhattan, and in need of food, I head straight down to 17th street and through the doors of Liquiteria for a Coffee and Cacao Smoothie.  Guys, you need to try this!

dominique ansel

The best part of this particular afternoon was the surprise that my friend Arthur was in town from London for business.  Arthur is the one person I know who’s level of obsession with New York is as great as mine.  And finally we were in the same city together.  I was super excited to see him.

Dominique Ansel

Arthur had the very wise idea of indulging in dessert at Dominique Ansel’s new spot, Dominique Ansel’s Kitchen.  If you’re asking who Dominique is, he’s the Cronut inventor, and the line’s for his baked goods usually last for hours, but we were lucky to visit on a weekday afternoon when everyone was at work.  We turned up at the West Village Cafe, and Arthur takes one look through the window and whispers to me ‘He’s here! Dominique Ansel is inside!’  A pretty good celebrity chef spot for two major foodies!

Picking out the gluten free options, we ate the most amazing creme fraiche cheesecake with truffle honey and chocolate mousse as we lounged on the outside chairs in the warm sun and caught up on life.  Such a perfect afternoon (thank you Arthur!).

Dominique Ansel

Parting ways with Arthur I walked through the West Village to pick up some dinner at the most fantastic organic supermarket, Life Thyme, and then head back to my hotel, to kick back on my bed and watch reality tv, whilst awaiting the arrival of a certain Englishman.

To Be Continued.


  1. Looks fantastic and some great suggestions to take note re: food. Next time I visit I want to explore new areas and down town and Greenwich is on my list for sure.


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