Detour | New York Week 3 Part 3

Hamilton's Soda Fountain

World Trade Center

It’s amazing how fast three weeks can fly by when you’re having fun!  With just a few days in NYC, we made the most of every second.  Did I mention we walked 90 miles/150 km in a week?  That gives you some idea of just how much ground we covered!

World Trade Center

It was Monday morning, not a cloud in the sky, and it felt like summer.  We jumped on the subway downtown, grabbed coffee at The Wooly Daily, and took a quick spin around Century 21 for a few more discount packs of Calvin Kleins.

World Trade Center

Next to Century 21 is the World Trade Centre, so we wandered over to admire the amazing new building and memorial area.  The newly renovated space is breath taking, sad and heartwarming all at the same time.  It will impact anyone that visits.  We ended up spending half the day in the area, and taking the most emotional and amazing tour I’ve ever been on, but I want to leave that for a separate post, and I want you to promise that if you go to New York you’ll take the tour.  (Watch this space for a post on it!)

I’d done my homework on the best place to take a shot of The World Trade Centre (intersection of Fulton and Nassau) so we walked down the road and did a bit of an Abbey Road- Beatles type shot.  PS no idea who the guy is in front of me, but thanks for participating ;o)

Melt Shop

We were hungry, and as luck would have it, we spotted a grilled cheese cafe, Melt Shop, with gluten free bread, so we weren’t passing up that opportunity.  FYI It was seriously good.


Walking down to the bottom of Manhattan, we lined up for the Staten Island Ferry so The Boy Next Door would finally see Liberty up close and personal.

Statue of Liberty

The Ferry is my favourite way to see Liberty, having paid to visit her on Ellis Island and been on the Staten Island Ferry during previous visits, you get a great view of her to take photos on the ferry and it is FREE!

Statue of Liberty

See what I mean?  We arrived at Staten Island, jumped back in line, back past Liberty and on the subway in the direction of our hotel.

Meatpacking District

The evening was warm so we made our way over to the Meatpacking District, and up onto the roof of the Gansevoort Hotel, to meet a friend for pre-dinner drinks at Plunge Bar.

Meatpacking District

It’s always one of my favourite spots to visit in NYC, simply because the view from Plunge is fantastic.

Meatpacking District

Entry to Plunge is free, though the drinks aren’t cheap! If you get the chance, go one better and stay at the Gansevoort. I spent Christmas 2010 there, where we started a cold Christmas Day morning in the heated rooftop pool and finished the day with Cocktails at Plunge. Needless to say it still remains one of my favourite vacations.

Oops massive tangent there, so yeah where was I?  Drinks at the bar, amazing views, followed by Mexican in the West Village.  All in all a good night in NYC!

The City Bakery NYC

On our second to last day we realised we had limited time to indulge in every delicious treat we wanted to try, and therefore had hot chocolate for breakfast. Yup. For years I’d read that The City Bakery was the place to go for the best hot chocolate, yet I’d never tried one on previous trips. Conveniently, the cafe was just blocks from our hotel, so we whizzed over, placed our order, took our first sip, and looked at each other with that ‘OMG the reviews were right’ kinda look. So yeah, add it to your list!

Brookyln Street Art

We needed to burn off that hot chocolate so we jumped on the subway and made our way to Bushwick in Brooklyn to walk around the neighbourhood and check out the street art.

Brookyln Street Art

Bushwick is edgy and cool, a mix of hipster coffee shops and stores that have clearly been there for 20+ years.

Brookyln Street ArtI’ll chat more about the area another time, and give you a few pointers on where to go!

Tacombi Soho

As always, food was on the agenda, so we jumped back on the subway and got out at Soho for the most delicious lunch at Tacombi (again, will totes talk about this place in a later post!).

West Village NYC

The afternoon was warm and beaming with sunshine, so we wandered through the streets of Soho towards the West Village and past Carrie Bradshaws apartment.

Doughnut Project

And because The Doughnut Project was nearby, we felt it would have been rude not to pop in for a Bacon Maple Bar. Sadly not gluten free, I had to live vicariously through TBND who was clearly enjoying every single bite.

Hamilton's Soda Fountain

Seeing as I couldn’t indulge in the doughnut, I insisted we stop at Hamilton’s Soda Fountain for a treat for me.

Washington Square NYC

We made the most of the late afternoon sun and wandered to Washington Square.

Washington Square NYC

Packed with super talented musicians, acrobats, skaters and cute dogs, this is always a favourite spot to visit, with so much always going on.

Washington Square NYC

We could have taken a chess lesson if we fancied. It’s all happening in this park!

Our feet were weary, we had seen so much for another day, and we made our way back to the hotel to rest, before dragging ourselves back out to dinner, the location was a no-brainer, Blockheads for amazing burritos.

Spring Blossom

Our final day arrived all too soon, the weather was perfect and we had plenty to do on our list before our cab arrived to take us to the airport.

Flat Iron Building

We took one last stroll down the road to see the Flat Iron Building, one of my favourite NYC sites.

Union Square Chess

Over to the Farmers Market in Union Square, where it turned out to be another popular chess spot. Down through East Village to Erin McKenna’s Bakery to buy gluten free donuts for the plane ride, we then skipped over to Soho for a pizza lunch at Rubirosa.  Time was ticking and with a few more stops on our list we raced around like chickens with our heads chopped off before speeding back to the hotel just in time to jump in our cab to JFK.

British Airways

The trip had come to an end. I’d seen so much, and it was hard saying goodbye to New York, but I was ready to come home to London.  Then I could start planning the next adventure!  But actually my next adventure was on the plane, my very first (and most likely last) flatbed experience – sadly it didn’t make the jetlag any less horrendous!

New York New York – so good they named it twice.


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