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Christmas Events in London

Christmas Events in LondonI know, I know it’s only October.  Everyone’s still working out what they’re wearing for Halloween.  But me?  Well I’m already thinking about Christmas.

You see the thing is, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  Actually I just love celebrating in general.  Valentines, Easter, Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  I’m celebrating!  And the Christmas events in London are the best in the lead up to December 25th.

So what have I booked already (yes you read that correctly, I actually have Christmas plans in the diary!), and what am I planning to attend?  Here’s my list so far!

Forest on the Roof at Selfridges

Last year I made a reservation at Le Chalet restaurant on the rooftop at Selfridges (read about that here), and it was so Christmassy and cosy and gave me that ridiculously happy Holiday feeling.  So when I saw an email from Selfridges last week, to say this year’s rooftop restaurant theme would be Forest on the Roof, I made a reservation immediately. Can’t bloody wait! It also means I get to have a nosey around my fav department store, which I may have already done last week, because I couldn’t contain my Christmas excitement any longer.  There’s personalised gift wrap in there people!!

Christmas Events in London

Christmas Moves at Charlotte Street Hotel & Soho Hotel

Okay I’m just gonna come right out and say it, if you don’t like Christmas movies, there is something not quite right with you.  I mean, helllooooo, Home Alone, Elf, Love Actually, The Holiday?!  I adore Christmas movies, and there is nowhere more fun to watch them than in the private cinema rooms at Charlotte Street Hotel and Soho Hotel.  The seats are pure luxury, and the popcorn on offer is a nice little bonus too.  Last year I went to both to see Home Alone and Elf, and this year I’m booked in for a girls Christmas night out to see The Holiday and to also see Elf again, because Will Ferrell’s one liner’s in that film are comedy gold.

Christmas Events in London

Festive Markets at Southbank Centre

So they may sell what essentially is a pile of Christmas junk, but I still love the Festive Markets at Southbank Centre!  There’s mulled wine for a start.  And fairground rides, and a little forest of Christmas trees, and everyone looks happy, which lets face it only happens in London if A. the hottest day of the year turns out to be on a weekend, or B. a completely unexpected snow day occurs where no one can get to work.  Yep those are the two happiest moments in any Londoners calendar year, and it seems that walking around Christmas markets also has the same effect.  Then again, that might be the mulled wine.

Christmas Events in London

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

I don’t know if I can describe just how excited I get about Winter Wonderland.  I mean I LOVE IT, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! (Here’s last years post) I always visit on a weekday evening when the crowds aren’t quite as hectic, and although I know I’ll buy literally zero from the little wooden cabins selling sweets, candy apples, and animal shaped winter beanies, I still want to peruse everything.  The night starts out with some kinda calorie laden food, followed by mulled wine to keep the hands and heart warm, and then it’s time to hit the rides.  I’m never 100% confident those rides have passed their health and safety checks, but I muster up as much faith as I can find and jump onboard the rollercoaster! The music, the atmosphere, the fun, it all makes for the best night out.  And then upon leaving, there’s one last essential item to purchase.  An inflatable balloon of course.

Christmas Events in London

So those are my top four favourite Christmas Events in London, and I’m also hoping to visit The Spirit of Christmas Fair next week, take another nosey around Fortnum and Mason (yes I’ve already been to see the hampers there, Christmas World at Harrods and the decorations at Selfridges #diehardchristmasfan), and am even considering the Light Trail at Kew Gardens.  Basically if it looks, tastes, sounds or smells like Christmas,  I want a part of it.  And if it hadn’t been for the super efficient PA’s of Sloane Square and Chelsea booking up all the slots at Harrods to see Father Christmas, I’d have booked that too.  No one is too old to visit Father Christmas at Harrods, I mean take a look at this post from a previous visit.

If anyone has anything else they think I should be adding to my Christmas Events in London list, then let me know!! I should probably get over to Primark soon and start picking out a Festive sweater!


  1. I am so looking forward to Christmas too! I love all of the events that are happening. I’m keen to go to Selfridges as well as I’ve not been yet so I’ll be sure to book it!

    • Go go go!! The Christmas section is so amazing, and all The White Company Christmas stuff, oh my goodness, I want it all!! BTW are you a member of The New Zealand Business Women’s Network? I’m the social media manager, and I see we follow you, but don’t think I’ve seen you at any of the events?!

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