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Sugar Doughnuts

Waffle breakfast with bacon and eggs

Without a doubt in my mind, London has the best range of markets you could wish for in one city.  Particularly when it comes to food!  You might be a fan of vintage or antique markets.  Me?  Just point me in the nearest direction of the stalls selling gourmet burgers and brownies please.

Having never been to Maltby Street Market before, we set off early one chilly Sunday morning, restraining ourselves from eating breakfast before we left, so we could stuff ourselves silly with all that was on offer at the market.

Maltby Street Market London

The cold weather hadn’t deterred anyone.  Everyone was wrapped up warm, wandering around taking in the aroma’s from all the various stalls.

British flags at Maltby Street

Herman ze German at Maltby Street Market

The absolute worst part of visiting a food market is having to make a decision on your cuisine.  Should I go for the hotdog? The grilled cheese sandwich? Or maybe the burger?

Oysters at Maltby Street Market

The Cheese Truck Menu London

And those grilled cheese sandwiches DID look good.  With bacon too!

Making Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Waffle On Markets Menu

The Boy Next Door had set his sights on a chicken wrap, and so I left him in the queue to head back to the stall that caught my eye when we first walked in.  Waffle On.

A waffle.  With eggs.  And bacon.  And syrup.  Decision made.

Menu from Waffle On Maltby St Market

breakfast eggs and bacon

I stood nearby as they fried the eggs and bacon, because who doesn’t love the smell of bacon?  Even my vegetarian friends salivate and go slightly weak at the knees.

Bacon cooking

waffles and bacon

My order was nearly ready. Waffles, bacon, eggs…

pouring syrup on waffles

A squirt of maple syrup…

Waffle On waffles at Maltby St Market

And voila! Breakfast was served.

Eating waffles at Malty Street Market

Breakfast was awesome.  Absolutely worth the restraint of not eating before we left home, and not too filling, leaving plenty of room for dessert.  Even if waffles are kinda like dessert.  That was breakfast in my mind.  So yes, dessert was still on the agenda.

Little Bird Gin Maltby Street

St. John Bakery Maltby Street London

We spotted the St John Bakery, and I decided that very second that we were going inside to purchase a donut.  I see so many Instagram photos of them, that I wanted to be a part of those that had already been lucky enough to devour one.

St Johns Bakery at Maltby Street Market

Sugar Doughnuts

They looked SO good.  There were various flavours all lined up in neat little rows and I wanted to face plant into them.

Delicious Doughnuts

Delicious doughnut from St Johns Bakery

We paid for our donut and stepped outside to tear open that brown bag and get to the good stuff.

eating St Johns Bakery donuts

It was delicious.  Fluffy, doughy, creamy, sugary.  Everything you can ask for in a donut.  The only bad thing about it, was that I had to share it with TBND.

brownie menu

Having done a couple of laps of Maltby Street Market, we made our way towards the exit with one more stop on the agenda.  Bad Brownie.

Chocolate Brownies with Peanut Butter

Having heard great things about these guys, it would have been rude not to sample one of their brownies.  Decision time again. Should we go for the peanut butter?  Triple chocolate?  Or the salted caramel?

delicious brownies from Bad Brownie

We settled for the salted caramel, and exercised our very best willpower, having them place it in a box to eat later in the day.

Borough Kitchen shopping bags

No trip to the Borough/London Bridge area would be complete without a sneaky trip to Borough Kitchen.  We did a little shopping, and head towards the train station.  And then our minds turned to more important matters.  The salted caramel brownie in my handbag.

Delicious Chocolate Brownies

I mean, look at that thing.  It’s screaming UNBELIEVABLY GOOD. And it was unbelievably good.  I just wished we’d used our common sense and bought the whole tray.  A very good reason to return to Maltby Street Market pronto.

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