Detour | Lions & Tigers & Camels?! Oh My! – PART 2

Following the safari, we stopped for a picnic, in the grounds of Longleat House. The sun was beating down and most of us were not dressed appropriately, ever mindful of a potential cold snap that can turn up at any minute here in England. But thank goodness I have a sunsmart boyfriend, who appears to borrowing his niece’s floral sunhat as the photo shows above!

We filled our bellies with sandwiches, parma ham, olives and fruit. Then we tested Jack to see if he could count on his fingers how old he would be turning the next day. That’s a tough challenge for a three year old!

The Londoner’s amongst us, basked in the sun, albeit dressed for winter!

Lunch over, the kids ran wild around the lawn, refuelled by lunch, so we finished up and got moving before any other picnic goer’s called Environmental Health to complain about the noise.

We head over to the Adventure Park, to view more animals, run around a maze, and even take a train ride.

But first. Ice cream.

After seeing giant porcupines, ferrets and ant eaters, we took 5 minutes to rest our legs. And pose for photos.

Our final animal viewing for the day was on a boat in a lake. More animals lazing around and basking in the sun, the hippo’s kept cool in the water and sea lions lay on the edge of the lake working on their tan’s.

After passing an island in the middle of the lake, which is home to a silver back gorilla who has Sky TV (I am not kidding!) in his little home, we were joined in the water by the resident sea lions, jumping and diving next to the boat.

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Boat ride over, it was time to make our way through the gardens towards the exit.

TBND has a habit of stealing his niece’s and nephew’s caps it seems. One aged 3 red Cars cap will be going on his Christmas list.

The gardens were too beautiful to miss the opportunity of a little photo session. Three willing models posed with their cheekiest, smiliest faces.

Longleat House and some of the beautiful gardens.

And just like the kids, I took advantage of a little photo session, also plastering on my cheekiest, smiliest face.

I even dragged this reluctant model in front of the lens.

And thoroughly embarrassed him in public with the afternoons final photo! ;o)

Five weary adults, and three exhausted kids, made their way to the car park and head back to Gloucestershire, with thoughts of the evenings bbq ahead and memories of a super fun 4 year olds birthday celebration.

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