Detour | Frappes, Flowers & Farms

More sunshine in London this past weekend!  One is almost inclined to believe summer may actually be on its way after all.  So I threw on a dress, shoved a sweater in my bag, because we live in a state of paranoia in UK that the weather might suddenly drop 20 degrees in the space of an hour, and made my way to Shoreditch.

My friend Jenny lives smack bang in the middle of Shoreditch.  Opposite Tracy Emin’s studio and her famous underground pool.  And even though this is my favourite area in London and I thought I knew it pretty damn well, Jenny gave me her own tour of her neighbourhood and I realised just how many amazing stores, restaurants and beautiful architecture I had been missing out on.

We met at Boxpark, one of my favourite spots – shipping containers used as cafes, pop-up stores and bars.  However, we had our sights set on food and gossip so we made a beeline for a Franze & Evans cafe to start our day.

After lunch, we walked over to Brick Lane Coffee, hands down my favourite coffee shop in the WORLD yo! and introduced Jenny to the only thing I ever order from here, a Banana Frappe.

There are some rather er interesting toppings to sprinkle on your coffee if you wish!

Those glasses!  Amazing!  So I asked politely if I could take a photo. This is what makes Brick Lane Coffee such a fun place to visit, apart from the great coffee, the staff are all unbelievably hipster (in a good way!) and the interior is full of the cheekiest posters and knick knacks you’ll ever lay eyes on.  You won’t want to leave.

Frappes in hand, Jenny led me to the window of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, yes, London has a cat cafe, where you pay to drink coffee whilst surrounded by cats roaming around. They are fully booked until October apparently!  Really?!  Sorry cat lovers, I’m a dog loving kinda gal!

Next stop.  Columbia Road Flower Market.  It was about to close for the day, so we got there just at the right time when the sellers were yelling out ‘FREE FOR A FIVER!!!’ – that’s ‘Three for £5’ for those of you that aren’t accustomed to the Cockney accent.  By the time we did a lap up the street and returned, the flowers were down to £1 a bunch, so we indulged.

And then we went to a farm.  Yes! A farm! In the middle of the city!  I knew there were a couple of these city farms floating around the East End, yet I had zero idea that there was one directly off Brick Lane.  It was so sweet, and I was beyond thrilled to set my eyes on my favourite animal in the world, two of them, Watson and Holmes, the pigs.  Sadly they were more keen on looking for food than looking at the camera lens.

There were all sorts of animals there, from rabbits, to geese, to goats.

However this guy steals the limelight!  I couldn’t get over those teeth! A real ‘Hillbilly goat’.  Poor ‘Kid’.  Okay I’ll stop with the terrible jokes.

Let’s just take another look at those teeth.

We left the animals to get on with things, and head back to the hustle and bustle that is Brick Lane.

With flowers in hand, and a good dose of sunshine, Sunday night was approaching and it was time to say goodbye Jenny and to the weekend.  I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Shoreditch to indulge in my new discoveries and maybe pop in to say hi to Watson and Holmes too.

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