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I’ve yet to meet anyone more passionate about sport than that of a football fan.  They stick by ‘their’ team through thick and thin, then their sons support the same team, and their grandsons support the same team and they are all so very passionate about the whole thing!

TBND and his father support Arsenal.  So he’s subtly tried to convince me to support them for quite awhile now.  I even have the soft toy version of Gunnersaurus, the Arsenal mascot sitting in my room.

The thing is, and I’m sorry football lovers, it’s just that I really don’t care for football that much.  So I’ve never a desire to sit down and watch a game on tv.  BUT seeing a game live is a very different story!  You can’t help but get swept up by the the atmosphere, the cheering and the football chants.


And so I said yes, when TBND got tickets to last Saturday’s Arsenal v Man City game, and off we went to the Emirates Stadium.


I only had two concerns for the day, the first, finding an outfit that worked in with Arsenals team colour (red), the second, getting to see Gunnersaurus dancing around.  I decided sometime ago that I would make a fantastic football mascot, and TBND would be so proud if my job was to dress up as a dinosaur wearing an Arsenal football shirt.  So if anyone knows how on earth I can sign up to be a football mascot, please share this info.


I suddenly remembered my Marc Jacobs ‘Hooligan’ tee when getting ready, and thought it was the absolute perfect piece of clothing, considering the ‘football hooligan’ culture.  Red trainers as a tribute to the Arsenal colours, and I was ready for this match to begin!

OQ4wL3 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs





Fans big and small made their way towards the stadium.


Programmes were purchased, tickets were scanned and we entered the stadium and located our seats.


And then I saw him!  Gunnersaurus!  Who was that person in MY mascot costume?  I just know I can do a better job!


Isn’t he cute!!


The stadium quickly filled up with a sea of red supporter shirts.



The players walked onto the pitch, people sang, clapped and whistled.  I barely noticed as I was too busy watching the dinosaur.


The game began.



The fans sung their little hearts out with Arsenal chants.



Finally at half time, Gunnersaurus showed his face again, hooray!



The second half began, and the fans looked tense!  There were lots of ‘Oooooh!’s and ‘Awwww!’s each time Arsenal missed a goal.



However, it was all going Arsenal’s way for awhile!  But Man City eventually caught up.




The game ended. 2 all.


We all poured out of the stadium.  TBND above, leaving the stadium, and it wasn’t until I uploaded this photo that I noticed three generations of men, all in blue jeans and red tops. Arsenal supporters for life!

For the last 5 days I have had ‘AND IT’S ARSENAAAAAL, ARESENAL FC’ stuck in my head, and if you want to get an idea of how that sounds when thousands of fans sing it, then do check out my video for a glimpse of the atmosphere….

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