Columbia Road Flower Market & Donuts

Sunday was sunshine filled in London, and it felt SO good to be wearing a summer dress with NO jacket, and actually utter the words ‘I think you could get sunburnt if you sat outside too long today’. London is such an awesome city to live in, and when the sun shines here, it becomes THE most awesome city to live in.

Granger & Co Clerkenwell

Following a few work related errands in Notting Hill, we met up with TBND’s dad and sister and settled in at Granger & Co, Clerkenwell for a delicious lunch. What’s great about having a boyfriend as greedy as I am when it comes to food, is that you can agree to go halve’s on each others meals at a restaurant, so we settled on the shrimp burger with jalapeño mayo, shaved radish salad and sesame gochujang and the grass fed beef burger with tomato chilli jam, beetroot, courgette pickles and gorgonzola dolce, with a side of fries of course!  Courgette chips with nigella seed and tahini yoghurt filled the gap whilst we waited for our mains.

Lunch over, we decided to walk it off around Columbia Road Flower Market.

flowers at the markets in Columbia Road

I love this flower market in East London. It’s busy, it’s loud, and it has the most beautiful selection of flowers to choose from at the very best of prices.

Ooooh! Who’s he buying flowers for?

flowers at Columbia Road

Columbia Road Flower Market

boyfriend with flowers

Hmmm maybe he bought them for himself?

Flower bouquet

TBND’s sis snapping away.

Hydrangeas at flower market

hydrangeas from my boyfriend

Lucky me! The recipient of the flowers. He’s a very good boyfriend!

summer dress and sunglasses in shoreditch

BoxPark Shoreditch

I’d been desperate to visit a new donut shop that had opened in Boxpark, so we wandered over, and discovered this little spot on the way. Sun loungers full of people soaking up the sunshine and listening to music.

I didn’t have time or the willpower to hang around though. I needed to get to Dum Dum Donutterie!

Dum Dum Donutterie

the best doughnuts in the world

chocolate doughnuts from dum dum donutterie

Baked, not fried, Dum Dum’s offer the most mouth watering of flavours. We settled on a Banoffee donut – custard and real banana puree filled, dipped in dulce de leche and biscuit as well as a Peter Andre Yum Yum Dum Dum (I’m not even kidding, that is the name of it) – filled with dulce de leche creme, glazed and drizzled in chocolate.

doughnuts at Box Park

delicious doughnuts

Peter Andre Yum Yum Dum Dum

We sat outside the store, in the afternoon sun, and pulled The Peter Andre Yum Yum Dum Dum out of the paper bag.  One bite of Peter and we were totally and utterly hooked.  Mr Andre is unbelievably delicious!

Dum Dum Donutterie doughnut

Girl Guides promise this donut is the best I’ve tasted, and is every bit as good as you’re thinking it looks.

Banoffee donut from Dum Dum Donutterie

Because we are completely greedy, the moment we finished with Peter we ripped open the bag containing Banoffee donut. We stuffed our faces, and feeling completely satisfied, made our way back to South West London, enjoying the last of the sunshine in our local park. (And maybe some chocolate later on in the evening, it was Sunday, and it’s against the law not to eat it on a Sunday, didn’t you know?).

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