Detour | Covent Garden and Soho

Covent Garden

Covent Garden

Everyone loves a three day weekend, and that’s what makes May the best month of the year in the UK.  Not one but TWO bank holidays.  Although technically, now I’m a freelancer (Social Media gal right here, hit me up!) and therefore a ‘day off work’ takes on a whole other meaning compared to when I was an employee.  But still, despite having to finish off some work on the Saturday in order to enjoy a work free Monday, I was still excited for the extended weekend!

Shake Shack

We decided to remain in London this bank holiday, and that’s not such a bad thing.  Because lets face it, you can never run out of fun things to do in this city.  Our stomachs tend to make most of our decisions.  TBND and I ask ourselves ‘What should we do today?’. ‘What’s that stomach?’, ‘You want a burger and ice cream?’, ‘Consider it done!’.

The Boy Next Door

We decided to jump on a bus to take a look around Covent Garden and Soho, heading straight to the Holy Grail that is Shake Shack.  Okay we didn’t head ‘straight’, we irritably weaved our way around the gazillion tourists that haven’t caught on to the ‘walk fast at all times’ rule in London.

Pigeon in Covent Garden

We placed our order and waited impatiently for the buzzer to start buzzing so we could collect our food.  The Covent Garden pigeons are EXTREMELY sociable, check out that little guy over my shoulder.  Shortly after, his buddy decided it was a really good idea to land on someones tray and have a little snack, thankfully they’d finished eating! EURGH!!

Covent Garden

Waiting, waiting, waiting.  And then Bzzzzzzzzzz! The buzzer went wild and our food was ready to collect.

Shake Shack Burger

TBND went for the double cheeseburger, and mine wasn’t even photo worthy as it was bun free thanks to a complete gluten melt down again, goodbye gluten!

Shake Shack Lunch

Concrete Shake Shack

And whilst I had to miss out on their delicious burger buns, I did not have to miss out on dessert!  We ordered Concretes – Frozen custard ice cream, blended at high speed with mix-in’s. HALLELUJAH!

We got two, because ordering just one would have been the sensible thing to do.  But we are not sensible people.

After much deliberation we settled on Sticky Toffee (seen above) consisting of frozen vanilla custard, chocolate toffee, Paul A. Young chocolate chunks (that dude is the best chocolate guy out there!), salted caramel sauce and malt powder.

Peanut butter dessert

But the ultimate winner was the one you see above, and my choice (thank you very much!),  The Concrete Jungle with frozen vanilla custard, marshmallow sauce, fresh banana and peanut butter sauce.  If I only ate that for the rest of my life, I would not complain.

Burger from Shake Shack

Shake Shack burger

Finishing up our food, we head out into the piazza.

We discovered an ex Cirque du Soleil performer from Australia doing wild tricks up a 17 foot pole!  What a mad man!

Covent Garden and Soho

Covent Garden and Soho

We passed these two impressive looking vehicles on our way to Soho, which would you choose, red or white?!

Chinatown London

Meandering through Chinatown, I never fail to be shocked by what cuisine you discover hanging in the restaurant windows.  Really big, creepy orange octopus for dinner anyone?

Covent Garden and Soho

Stopping for a little tourist shot or two! Before making our way into the heart of Soho.

Chinatown London

Cutter and Squidge

We passed Cutter and Squidge on Brewer Street, but having already eaten dessert and being on a gluten ban, I could only admire their Biskies through the glass window.  Aren’t they pretty!

Making our way back to the bus, we left the West End and head back to Chelsea to catch a viewing of Unfriended, the new horror movie out.  All I can say is that I never want to use Skype ever again!

Covent Garden and Soho


  1. I can’t believe I still haven’t been to Shake Shack … the shame! I *need* to try one of those Concretes! Also: your sunnies are everything. Where are they from?? I read this post earlier yesterday and meant to comment sooner, but I remember thinking as I read it how cool you are and how that makes me nervous to meet you! Eeks … and I just said that out loud. How embarrassing.

    • I just saw the second part of this comment and it made me giggle hahaha! I am so looking forward to meeting you because I think we’ll get on great! I’m not cool, I just make myself look cool I’m my blog ;o)

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