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Camden Market

Camden Market

There’s always a lot of pressure on a Bank Holiday, to do something really fun on your extra day off.  We’d been a little unorganised, and it was midday Monday when we were still sitting on the sofa trying to figure out how we should spend our day.

Camden canals

Eventually deciding that Primrose Hill and Camden Market would be our destinations of choice, we jumped on the tube and head north.

Camden London

TBND had never been to Primrose Hill, he’s such a tourist! I mean, I’m the ‘foreigner’, he’s the one on home soil, but still, I know my way around this city considerably more.  We walked through the village and up the hill to take a look at the always impressive view over of London.

At the bottom of the park, you can swing a left by the zoo and walk along the canal towards Camden Market, which is exactly what we did.  I love this walk, mostly due to the ridiculously huge houses that line up side by side along the canal’s edge.  They must take a month to clean from top to bottom!

House in Camden

And some home owners have a rather interesting tasted in decorative accessories.  Cow on the balcony, anyone?

Canal in Camden

Harp player on Camden Canal

Not only are there gigantic houses to look at, you’ll find musicians and even a wooden cut-out of Amy Winehouse along the canal walk.

Camden Market

Eventually, we walked past the Pirate Castle, which after all these years I’m still not sure what on earth goes on in that place.  Does anyone know?!

Camden Market

We made it to Camden, and in true greedy form, our first thought was, WHAT SHALL WE EAT?!

Food market in Camden

We are both indecisive people.  So choosing what to eat was no easy task, because there’s every cuisine you could possibly imagine there.  It’s overwhelming, and I wanted to eat everything.  Mac n cheese, pork buns, burgers, nachos, donuts, ice cream.   You get the idea.

Paella Camden

The Mac Factory London

We wandered around the food market, because it was important to see EVERY SINGLE STALL before making an informed decision on what to choose.

Camden food market

Chilli in Camden

And eventually, we stumbled across the Chilli stand.  And we were sold.  Because the stall guy said we could have beef chilli AND chicken chilli on our plate.  Sold.  Now pile up the damn tortillas and gives us that chilli!

Chicken and Beef Chilli

It was pretty damn good!  The chicken chilli in particular was amazing.

Milkshakes Camden

Bellies satisfied, we wandered around the market some more and I am determined to go back soon to a place called Cookies and Scream.  You can see a little piece of their menu above, but guys, I am telling you this place looked A-MAZ-ING.  And the best bit, fellow gluten dodgers, all the brownies/cakes etc are gluten free! GET IN!!!

Chinese food Camden

Camden Market has changed in so many ways over the years, but they’ve kept a lot of the parts that they’re well known for.  Like the Asian food alley, where the food hawkers are trying to entice you to try their sweet and sour chicken, or their Malaysian satay.  But to be honest, and call me a food snob, I cannot believe I ever ate from those stalls.  It was a LONG time ago, so please forgive me.  But EURGH, it looks so salty, and fatty, and just EURGH!  Take my advice and just stick with the food market near the canal!

Cyber Dog Camden Market

Another first for TBND was a visit to Cyber Dog.  This place is like entering another world. The craziest raving clothes and accessories that you’ll ever see.  It’s three storeys of madness.  A DJ pumps out super loud music (maybe I’m just getting old), dancer’s twirl around on their podiums, and everything glows in the dark.

Shoes at Camden Market

Back out on the high street, we wandered down the main road, and I’d forgotten about the crazy buildings!

Camden Market

Camden Market

If you’re in the market for a Matrix style leather jacket, or some scary looking leather boots covered in chains, this is where you need to go.  Me being more of a short leather jacket and trainers gal, I er didn’t find anything to my liking ;o)

Camden Market meandering complete, we jumped on a bus and head back to the much quieter, much tamer parts South West London.

Already looking forward to my trip back.  Have you been to Camden Market?

Camden market

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