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Cambridge UK

After 14 years in UK, I finally made it Cambridge last Bank Holiday Monday.  The Boy Next Door had never been either, and he’s British, so I felt less guilty about my lack of visiting places outside of London!

Cambridge UK

We jumped on a morning train from Liverpool Street, and an hour or so later pulled into the train station at Cambridge.  A short cab ride later, we were dropped in the centre of the city.

Cambridge UK

The first noticeable thing was that it was COLD, I mean London hasn’t been having the best of weather, but the temperature drop between the two cities was noticeable.  Should have worn that winter coat after all!

Cambridge UK

The second noticeable thing are all the beautiful buildings.  They’re everywhere.  We wandered around the streets, taking in the architecture and keeping an eye on places to eat later, because, let’s face it, TBND and I revolve a large part of our lives around food.

Punting in Cambridge UK

Making our way over to the river, we stood on a bridge and watched loads of people punting.  It looked fun, but alas we decided to be spectators instead of participators, because the wind was too chilly and a boat ride just didn’t seem appealing enough at that stage!

Punting Cambridge UK

We later found out, that the Beckhams were all there punting on the river!  Last night TBND asked me if I was a punting guide in Cambridge, would I rather have Victoria or David in my boat.  After MUCH deliberation, I decided I’d rather be guiding Victoria along the river.  Who would you choose?

Nanna Mexico Cambridge

We explored some more and then decided it was time to eat.  We’d spotted a Mexican place earlier in the day and managed to find our way back to Nanna Mexico for lunch.  The place was packed with university students, due to it being Student Monday and therefore heavily discounted food was on offer.

Nanna Mexico Cambridge

Home of the Big-Ass Burrito apparently!

Nanna Mexico

Mexican Salad

Thankfully, despite all the students milling about we managed to grab a seat.  Gluten Free me went for the chicken salad.

Big Ass Burrito

TBND went for the Big-Ass Burrito.

Cambridge UK

We ticked some more college spotting off the list and both us could not get over how many students were wandering around with their noses in books.  TBND repeated numerous times throughout the day ‘I feel so dumb here!’.

Trinity College Cambridge

See! There’s one there, a real life Cambridge student WITH nose in book.  It’s like wildlife spotting, except with people.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to attend a university as beautiful as that, passing through those doors everyday.  I’m sure student life in this city is a load of fun.

Trinity College

What was confirmed to me however, and yes, YES I feel terrible saying this, but I cannot lie – I could not live in Cambridge.  I felt guilty wandering around and not falling in love, but we can’t love everywhere we visit right?!  The city is beautiful, no doubt, but I truly am a BIG city lovin’ gal, or failing that, put me in a small beach town and I am also very much okay with that.

What was also confirmed to me is that London does change you.  It does make you less tolerant, it does make you wonder why on earth someone is being so overly friendly, I mean they MUST have an ulterior motive right?  We become grumpier living in London.

But you know what?  I’m okay with that.  I love grumpy, noisy, busy London.  And as we left Cambridge and arrived back into Liverpool Street Station, we jumped on the tube and I looked up to see this sight…

London Underground

It made me laugh to myself.  There were four people in a row on the tube, looking at their phones.  On our side of the seats there were three of us, TBND checking sporting updates on Twitter, myself taking sneaky photos and playing Candy Crush and some other passenger deep in concentration looking at his iPhone screen.

Cambridge you are friendly and pretty and polite, but London you big grumpy city, you have my heart, and I love you for better or worse!

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