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Broadway Market

Broadway Market

Hey everyone, how was your weekend?  We had a long one here in England, Monday was a Bank Holiday.  And although I’m a freelancer, I still get excited about a ‘day off’.

I wanted to make the most of the weekend, as I was staying in London, so I took advantage of getting out and about, dodging the rain, and I kicked things off with a visit to Broadway Market on Saturday afternoon.

love this part of town, over in East London.  We arrived at Broadway Market early afternoon, and the street was buzzing with every man, AND their dog.  People were sitting in the pubs and cafes that line the street, chattering away, drinking beer or sipping coffee.  Others roamed the gazillion stalls that are set up along the street, selling food, gifts, drinks and whatnot.

We were there for the food, because when am I never NOT anywhere for the food?  After a full lap of Broadway Market, eyeing up literally every food stall so we could make an informed decision, we settled for Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Oil (top left above)  and a Salt Beef Wrap (top left below).

After the food was devoured, and a little sit down was had at a coffee shop, to hydrate with a bottle of sparkling water, we decided we should probably head back to the cake stall we’d spotted earlier, that was GLUTEN FREEEEEEEE!  By the time we turned up, there were literally only five cakes left, and thank goodness one of them was the s’mores cake we had decided we must try.  And I’m everyone, but I have no photo of it, and there’s a very good reason for this.  It was so good, that all sanity went out the window, and I just dived straight in.  This s’mores cake, was SERIOUSLY GOOD!  And I’m also but I don’t know the name of the cake stall, if you visit just look for that cake, it was the only stall selling them, and you do not want to miss out on this.  You’ll thank me.

Broadway Market

After our binge on lunch and dessert, we took a little wander along a street at the end of the market, and discovered another courtyard full of kickarse stalls and shops.  Netil Market was a tiny treasure of pizza, grilled cheese, gift stores (I particularly loved Earl of East!), and even the option for the lads to sip on a beer whilst getting a trim at the barber shop.  Cool or what?

We had plans and couldn’t stick around, but I can’t wait to pop back for another leisurely visit to Broadway Market, some more s’mores cake, and maybe a wee purchase of the Sweet Grapefruit Candle from Earl of East, because it’s the most amazing scent ever.

That was Saturday over.  I may have made no Saturday evening plans due to the fact that X Factor UK was starting that evening.  I am not ashamed.  Winter is coming and I need to get settled in, and familiar with the contestants!

What did you get up to this weekend?  Did it involve good food?

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