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Big Apple

Big Apple

Soooo I haven’t really told too many people, but newsflash, I’m off to the Big Apple today for three weeks!  I’d been hoping to make this trip happen for a very long time now, and had my sights set on April 2016, but the actual booking of the trip has been all very last minute.

I had to wait until I’d secured work, and once that happened, I booked a flight.  And then about 10 days ago, I thought ‘You know what, I’m going to switch my flight to an earlier date’, and I did, and now here I am about to fly off to the Big Apple for three whole weeks!

I adore New York, and I’d love the opportunity to live there again, but I don’t see that happening in my near future, so the next best thing was an extended trip. I’ll be staying with my longtime friend Julian for two of my three weeks, at his apartment in Queens, so that will be a whole new experience for me too, as I’ve only ever stayed in Manhattan before.  For my final week, I’m moving to Manhattan, when TBND flies in from his two week work trip in Augusta.

In true OCD style I have spent hours and hours reading every travel book and blog I could find, to compile a very big list of sites to see and places to eat, so I will be busy!

Better grab my bags and head for Heathrow.  I promise to update you on my adventures along the way!

Annmaree x

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