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Day 2 started sloooooowly.  I’m the biggest procrastinator on vacation.  But what’s the hurry?  Isn’t that the whole point to a holiday?  And seeing as we’ve already established in my Berlin Day 1 post, I’m not one of those tourists that’s intent on seeing every statue, cathedral and memorial a place has to offer, I felt no need to be up, outta bed, and racing to a Berlin tourist spot to beat the crowds.  I mean, EW.

Bullet Proof Coffee Café Neundrei

So what DID get me outta bed on the Tuesday morning?  An almond milk latte.  Yep.  That’s right.  I needed a good coffee, and I needed it with almond milk.  My best buddy Google soon helped me find somewhere in the city.  And the best part?  It was a 5 minute walk down the street!

Café Neundrei

My Aussie room mate at the hostel decided she too needed coffee.  So we marched off down the street towards the caffeine.  Along the way we told each other random stories, and found it hysterical to discover that both of us have ‘un-learnt’ to ride a bike.  Seriously.  I thought I was the only person that happened to.  Nope.  Phew.

Café Neundrei

We walked into Café Neundrei, and my heart did a little happy dance.  I saw the words gluten free, I saw chia pudding and I knew they had almond milk.

Chia Pudding Café Neundrei

(I never did get around to trying their chia pudding, but I did try one of their gluten free peanut butter cookie’s and it was a-maz-ing).

We both ordered BulletProof Coffee’s.  You know those coffee’s where they throw in some butter and you’re meant to lose weight?  Well that’s what all the people in L.A say anyway.


Bullet Proof Coffee

Our coffee’s were ready and I took my first sip of my BulletProof Coffee.  It tasted a lot like coconut butter (I think that’s the bulletproof part) but it was pretty good, and I immediately felt like my day was getting off to a good start.  Coffee has that effect on me.

Café Neundrei Berlin

We sat by the window looking out at the tree-lined street, and chatted about our plans for the day.  Then we said our goodbyes and went off on our own little adventures.

Almond Milk Latte

I um kinda grabbed another coffee, just a regular ol’ almond milk latte to go, nothing bulletproof about this one, and was off on mission number two for Tuesday.


Arriving at Alexanderplatz, I was a little early for the Alternative Berlin Tour I’d decided to join, so I wandered around aimlessly for 30 minutes, snapping some photos of the TV Tower, and then made my way towards the tour guide standing at the meeting point outside Starbucks.  There were two guides, one was Australian, one was Scottish.  So nothing very German about this tour at all really.

Street Art Berlin

My guide ended up being the Scotsman, and he led us to some parts of Berlin that were true Kodak moments.

Berlin Street Art

I’m pretty sure I was a graffiti artist in a previous life, because I just can’t get enough of it.  Our tour took us past some of the coolest pieces of art, and I had to restrain myself from using up all my memory card snapping away at everything.

Alternative Berlin Walking Tour

We were led to little corners of the city, full of colour, including this pretty awesome stairwell.

Street Art Berlin

Street Art Berlin

This artist was such a clever chap that he even incorporated the light on the wall into his artwork, making it the flash of the camera held by the scary looking monkey!

Alternative Berlin Walking Tour

We walked and walked, and jumped on trains to take us to different parts of Berlin, all the while learning little pieces of information about the city’s history (check me out, I DID learn important facts after all!).

Alternative Berlin Walking Tour

I’d walked past this astronaut the day before, but I learnt on my tour that this was the first piece of commissioned street art in Berlin. Victor Ash’s ‘Astronaut’ is HUGE when you’re up close, and so impressive.

Alternative Berlin Walking Tour

And something even cooler than the astronaut, is the story that lies behind the photo above.  We stood listening in awe as our guide explained the remarkable tale of Osman Kalin and this little piece of land he built a house on and grew vegetables, whilst East and West Germany fought over whether he should be allowed to reside there.  Check out the story here.  He still lives there today.

Berlin Wall

Further along the road, we passed a piece of the old Berlin Wall.  It’s so unbelievable to imagine there was a wall dividing the city all the way up until 1989.

YAAM Beach

Our tour was coming to an end, and where better to end it than the beach?!  Okay so it’s not a real beach, but it’s about as real as it gets for me these days!

YAAM Beach

We entered YAAM, short for the Young and African Arts Market.  This place has been running for a number of years in different locations around Berlin.  It offers awesome street food, live music, bars and the BEACH!

YAAM Beach

There was even a little tree hut.  When I grow up I reaaaaally want a tree hut!

We settled in at the beach for drinks, but I had more places to check out, so bidding farewell to my tour buddies, I set off into the afternoon sun.  I only needed to consult my map about 27 times en route to the train station.  A total pro in the city of Berlin.  To Be Continued…

YAAM Beach


  1. Love those photobooth photos of you! Berlin is one of my favorite cities in the world. I saw the most amazing exhibition at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art last time I was there – it changed my life! Dramatic, I know, but true.

    • Oh I LOVED those photobooths, they were so dirty and I probably walked away with goodness how many germs attached to me, but hey the photo’s you get make it kinda worth it!! I enjoyed looking around Berlin, but it also made me appreciate all that London offers!

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