Detour | Autumn Days in Richmond Park

Richmond Park


I’m beginning to think my favourite season is Autumn.  There’s a cosiness that comes with this time of year, when we start to pull on our favourite sweaters and coats, staying in on a Saturday evening snuggled under a blanket, and the warmth of coffee shops is never more enticing than when the temperature starts to drop.  And then there’s the changing of colour.  The leaves turn all shades of orange, red and brown and fall to the ground creating a big ol’ pile of beauty.

Last Sunday, we woke up to one hell of a foggy day.  It came out of nowhere.  We were expecting 22c after hearing the forecast the day before.  Turns out Wales was basking in the heat, but London was covered in a thick blanket of moody fog.

After a kickarse breakfast at Milk in Balham (seriously, I love that place! Take a look here at one of my previous visits), I suddenly decided that we needed to drive to Richmond Park.  I’m ashamed to say that in 14 years in London, I only made it there recently when my friend Cath, who lives nearby, drove us through the park.  It was on my 2014 and 2015 To-Do list (yeah I have an annual To-Do list, don’t you!?), and I was desperate to get back there, have a walk around and tick it off my bucket list.


Pulling into a carpark, it seemed like everyone else in London had the same idea, as we drove round and roooouuuuund hoping to find a free spot.  Eventually we did, and jumped out of the car to start our foggy Richmond Park walk.

Shortly after we spotted a stag just hanging around, munching away at the grass.  Oh! I should probably mention for the non-Londoner’s that Richmond Park is full of wild deer!  I approached him cautiously, because he was a big boy, and I mean, I’ve not got any experience in deer-human etiquette, and I didn’t need one of his horns in my arse if he got grumpy that I was in his personal space!


Steven, yes that’s right, we named him, actually seemed very relaxed and happy to have us snap selfies with him.

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He was a true gentleman, because I took A LOT of photos with Steven, and he didn’t mind one bit.

Richmond Park

We wandered through the trees that had shed most of their leaves, and there was no way I was walking by without making a ‘throw leaves in the air’ GIF!  Look how bloody happy I am! Ha!


As late afternoon approached and the darkness was setting in, so did more fog, and everything looked a little bit mystical and kinda creepy.


Walking back in the direction of the car, we spotted Steven having a wee rest.  And ever since then, I’ve realised naming him was the worst thing we could have done.  Because deer culling season started that very night, and I’ve been worried sick about Steven ever since.  I hope he ran like the wind from the hunters.  I knew we should have brought him home in the back seat of the car, he could have had a great life out the back of my mansion block!


One last misty jump shot was in order, because darkness fell, and we hightailed it back to the car, and down to the supermarket to gather food for a Sunday Roast.  Aaaah Autumn, you snuggly season you!


  1. I am ashamed to say I’ve never visited Richmond Deer Park either! It’s on my list to do before the end of the year. Your pictures are so pretty!

    • Thanks Sara! You’ve got to gooooo! And if you have a car go to Ham House too. I’m obsessed with the park now. My friend lives right by the park, and goes walking in there all the time, I’m so jealous!

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