Detour | Apple Crumble in the Countryside


It was 1.30pm on Saturday afternoon, last weekend, when I decided to book a train ticket and dash to Waterloo Station in time for my departure.


Ticket in hand, I located my platform and board my train to Somerset.



(Side note, yes of course this is a selfie! I’m loving the new self timer option on the iPhone software upgrade).


Nabbing a whole table to myself, I settled in, with mint tea, dark chocolate and my latest book I’m reading.  I love a good train ride, two whole hours to relax!


The sun was setting as I pulled into the station in Somerset and my chauffeur TBND was waiting to collect me.

Arriving at TBND’s father’s cottage, I threw my bags in my room and we sped off to the supermarket to collect a few things, followed by an evening eating prawns and fish and sipping on Limoncello from Amalfi.


Sunday started very slowly, with a lie in, and swiftly followed with my favourite gluten free cinnamon/raisin bagels, topped with Nutella and banana for breakfast.  That, is how you start a Sunday.


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The lads were soon glued to the tv screen watching a ‘very important’ football match, so I grabbed my camera and took a walk on the estate.




I love walking along the lane, and this day was particularly pretty with the changing of season and the autumn leaves scattered everywhere.



Even though I consider myself somewhat of a city gal, there is something so lovely about the countryside.  The silence for one is utter bliss!  Silence does not exist in London.


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And of course, the lack of people around means I wasn’t wasting a perfect opportunity to snap enough photos to create some moveable Gif’s like my little jig in the one above.




Kodak moments everywhere.



There was no doubt on Sunday, that Autumn had arrived, which was somewhat of a surprise, as I’d been wearing denim cut-off’s and Birkenstocks just two days prior.  But there was now a definite chill in the air, not enough to pull on warm tights, but certainly enough to throw on a coat.  And although I adore summer dresses, denim shorts and flip flops, I equally adore the beautiful colours and shapes of autumn and winter clothes, so I’m embracing the cold snap for now!


If you look closely, you’ll see a squirrel scurrying across the lane.

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I slowly snuck up on the peacocks that roam around the gates of the main estate house, so I could snap them before they hid.  There are loads of them, and those feathers would make a gorgeous dress!  Cruella de Vil? Moi?

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Strolling done, TBND turned up on the lane to collect me and we drove to down to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for lunch.


The boys were having a lovely Italian meal of squid and spaghetti, but I had a craving for grilled cheese.  Plain old bread and mozzarella.  Yep.  And I enjoyed every single mouthful of it.


We followed our late lunch with Caramel Apple Crumble that I baked, and will share that recipe with you here soon.

No sooner had I taken my last bite of crumble, and we were rushing to grab bags and get to the station in time for our train back to London.  Just 24hrs in the countryside, but already I felt refreshed and ready for the week ahead.



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