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I like to turn another year older in Italy, I think the beauty of the country somehow distracts you from the fact that OMG, I’m HOW OLD?! How did this even happen?!

So my 38th (38!!!! WHAT?!) birthday was to be where many of my birthdays before have been, on the Amalfi Coast.  The day before we head off to Gatwick airport, we ran around like mad things buying magazines and snacks (okay that was just me), and made our way to our plane, ready to say SEE YA to England and make our way to the sunny climate of Italy.

Italy Italy The Boy Next Door had bought me a camera for my birthday (a Canon G5X if you’re wondering), so I shamelessly shot multiple selfies from our aeroplane seats before take off, before diving into the latest celebrity gossip in US Weekly – gripping stuff!

Italy Italy

Touching down in Napoli early evening, we jumped on the airport bus to Napoli Centrale Station, and checked in at our hotel for the night.

ItalyWe popped out for a late bite to eat, before retiring to bed for an early start in the morning.

italy Mexico Caffe

Early starts require good coffee, and the best way to start my birthday was to head to to Mexico Caffe.  Located near Napoli Centrale Station, a rather rundown and overall intimidating area, Mexico is one of our favourite coffee spots on the planet!  The staff wear white blazers and they make killer coffee.

Mexico Caffe

We ordered cappuccino’s and said shit cheers to the fact that I was another older, and there was jack all I could do about it. (Except maybe botox).

italy We’d booked early train tickets to the coast so we could get our lily white selves onto the beach and soak up as much sun as possible.



After a train journey, followed by a ferry along the coast, we pulled into Amalfi, dumped our bags at our BnB, and hightailed it the beach.  Happy birthday to me!

peach beach atraniWe sunbathed, swam, ate a delicious picnic of prosciutto, cheese and tomatoes whilst reclining on our sun loungers and I made TBND take the photo above of me, whilst pretending to be totally cool and at ease posing amongst other sunbathers, but determined to document this day.  I’d worked hard at the gym with a goal of a photo on my 38th birthday to feel proud of, so I ignored my embarrassment, and TBND obligingly took some snaps.  I realised I felt self indulgent saying I felt proud of myself for working so hard, and it seems that’s how we’re conditioned to feel, to never verbalise that we are proud of ourselves, only of others.  Well f*ck that, I worked hard, I ate well, I am 38 years old, not 25 with the metabolism of a racing car, and I was proud of myself for dragging my arse to the gym when my mind was screaming ‘NOOOO, don’t make me go!!!’.  So ‘sorry not sorry’, that’s the story behind this photo anyway ;o)

amalfi italy Late afternoon we wandered past the glistening ocean of Amalfi Beach, reminding us why visiting each year is a good idea, the place is magical.



Ice lollies/popsicles/ice blocks/whatever you call them were consumed, lemon granite was also consumed, and we then head back to our BnB to shower and change for the evening.


We were celebrating my birthday evening in one of our favourite spots, Luna.  The restaurant looks out over the ocean and is so, so beautiful!  The food is also fantastic.

aperol spritz

Finishing dinner, we ended our evening in the only way possible when you’re in Italy.  With gelato.  Two giant scoops, we walked over to the only place we ever eat gelato, on the stairs of the cathedral, and as I bit into my favourite flavours from my favourite Amalfi gelato store, I was so happy to be back in the place I call home in Italy.

To Be Continued….



    • haha hi Kelsey! Well if it makes you feel better, I am sat in my gym clothes now, procrastinating because it’s never a fun journey walking towards the gym knowing the pain and sweat that awaits. I’m am MUCH fitter now than in my twenties, I had zero self control back then, I think something does change post-30’s. The twenties is hard to maintain routine, you want to go out and have fun and live life to the fullest, and so you should!

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