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Sunday Walk

Sunday Walks

Oh what a difference a decade makes.  I can safely say that throughout my twenties, I probably witnessed Sunday morning a handful of times.  Sunday never started until at least 12.30pm.  And here I am now, about to write a post on a Sunday walk in my local park, that certainly occurred long before 12.30pm.  Bloody hell, does this mean I’m getting old?

Whatever it means, I’m just gonna roll with it, and get on with this post!  So yeah, my local park, I love it.  I am so so lucky to live within a few minutes walks of the Thames River, running between Fulham and Putney here in London, and on the Fulham side lies Bishops Park and Fulham Palace, where this Sunday walk occurred.


(Even the ducks weren’t up as early as me, look at them all, knackered!)  I was up on Sunday morning, dressed and ready for a day trip outside of London, but I had some time up my sleeve, and the idea of an almond milk latte and a stroll through Bishops Park seemed quite appealing.  So I grabbed my debit card and my keys and head out into the moody Autumn morning.

With latte in hand, acquired from my favourite local coffee shop, which just happens to be across the road from the park, I wandered into Bishops Park for my lazy Sunday walk.

Dog walkers

I’d only been walking a few minutes, when it occurred to me that everyone else in Fulham had the same idea.  People walking dogs, runners, cyclists, kids running around, others sipping coffee and strolling with their loved ones.


(It’s a little blurry, but hey you get the idea, my local park is popular!).


I sat down for a bit, taking in the scenery and enjoying people watching, which is possibly one of my favourite activities!


During the week I run down that exact path in the photo above on my riverside run, and I was surprised to see so many people out and about exercising on a Sunday morning.  If you’re going to have to drag your sorry arse outside for a run, there’s no better place to do it than the path along the Thames.

Thames River rowers

And then there were those really keen types that were rowing.  The opposite side of the river is home to many a rowing club, and on any early morning or weekend you’ll be witness to loads of rowers out practising.

Sunday Walk

Sunday Walk

I continued to wander, heading past the Sunday Farmers Market, yep we even have a market, and listening to the kids squealing with delight as they clambered over the playground equipment.

Dog walker

And the one thing I really love about this place, are all the dog walkers.  I mean, there are seriously LOADS of them!  Pup’s of all shapes and sizes are lead around Bishops Park for a bit of exercise, and it’s such a sweet sight to see.


Having walked around the main part of the park, I turned down the driveway towards Fulham Palace, because this is probably the best bit about this place, not everyone has a palace down the road from them!

Don’t ask me why, but it also seemed an appropriate time for a jumpshot.

Sunday Walk

Looking back on this, it seemed way too energetic for a Sunday!


I walked through the palace grounds, and realised I’m becoming some kind of Nature Spotter.  I couldn’t stop taking photos of trees and Autumn leaves!

Fulham Palace

It was a rare sight to see the palace grounds so empty.  During the summer, the grass is covered in picnic blankets, and lots of tiny tots running around whilst their mums and nannies sip coffees and snack on picnic food.

Fulham Palace


Wandering further through, I continued with my Nature Spotting photo snapping, but c’mon, it’s so pretty right?!


It was time to head home, and as I walked back towards my flat, I realised my Sunday walk had started my day off in the most perfect of ways.  This park really is my happy place, I walk, I run, I sunbathe and go to outdoor cinema events there in the summer.

Fulham Palace

And if you’re still not convinced just how lovely my local park is, then take a look at this photo I once took in the palace gardens, during a snow day, I mean is that not Narnia right there?  It’s perfect!  Roll on Sunday, for another early morning stroll.

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