Dear Santa…

Hope you’re well? I imagine things are getting a little hectic for you with the lead up to Christmas. Kids are becoming awfully demanding with their Christmas lists! What happened to Barbies and Transformers? It’s all about iPads and Beats by Dr Dre these days, as I’m sure you well know based on the gazillion Christmas wish lists piling up at your place. You should really think about getting an email address, it would save a fair number of forests, and you could filter the emails so the naughty kids requests went straight to the junk mail folder.

I’m fairly confident you know I’ve been good this year, you’re always watching, in fact was that you I saw shopping in Harvey Nics recently? You looked like you were in a hurry so I didn’t want to interrupt you. I missed their Christmas party last night, NOT cool!, did you manage to get there? You should definitely do some Christmas browsing in Liberty if you have a chance, such a lovely store, the Christmas puddings look like they would make fabulous gifts too.

Seriously Santa, you’ve got to be the most popular guy on the planet. I know Clooney comes a close second, and just between you and I, have you snuck down any of his chimneys at Como? That place is banging isn’t it!! I was a bit miffed I didn’t have a tv in my room though, (first world problems). Anyway! The Harrods website was its usual traffic jammed self as soon as tickets went on sale to visit you there again this year. You might have seen the guest list already, but just to confirm that my friends and I are booked in to come say hi on 6 December at 7pm. You’ll finally get to meet baby Saskia too, big moment meeting you for the first time for any child. I’m guessing her first portrait with you will have her looking red faced, complete with screaming and tears, don’t take it personally, you know we all eventually come around to loving you. Maybe it’s the red suit that upsets babies and kids, similar to bulls and matadors? Hmmm, they should do a study on that. If you need anything on the 6th before we head up to the 4th floor, maybe a Krispy Kreme?, just tweet me.

I was thinking about my Christmas list, and apart from marshmallow Santa’s from New Zealand, I was trying to decide what I would ask for. And then I saw it, OH.EM.GEE. Markus Lupfer you little genius! So below is my wish list in visual form, I need these in my life Santa, counting on you….

PS just a thought. Have you ever considered getting others to dress up as you for all the department store appearances. Delegation is key! (And I doubt anyone will notice its not actually you).

PPS I know my nieces and nephews are a bit cheeky sometimes, but they are pretty awesome, so I’m just putting in a good word on their behalf.

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