Ninja Turtle Cake

I grew up watching my mum bake cakes and cookies in the kitchen and always being the envy of the kids at school when I’d open my lunchbox and it was guaranteed there would always be a piece of marshmallow slice or banana cake waiting inside, or perhaps chocolate chip cookies. I also grew up watching my dad design houses and build boats, and complete all sorts of other artistic wonders, so I guess it comes as no surprise that I bought my first birthday cake baking book at the age of 7, and also grew up to be a lover of baking and all things crafty.Back in January, whilst walking through the wonder that is the kitchen section of Selfridges, the Boy Next Door and I were chatting and I asked him what kind of birthday cake he would like if he could choose. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake. It was one of those short conversations that was quickly forgotten, but little did he know I’d mentally filed this piece of info away, and as soon as I got home I was on Google and searching for instructions on how to make Michael Angelo.  After searching for quite some time, I finally hit the jackpot, and found my answer right here on the website Homespooled.March rolled around and it was time to start planning and purchasing sponge, frosting ingredients, fondant icing and a cake board.

I commenced ‘Mission TMNT’ two days before BND’s birthday, cheating with the purchase of sponge cake rather than actually baking one.  Removing the jam and buttercream, I made a peanut butter frosting, that I topped with marshmallow fluff. Yes Yum. Following Homespooled’s clear instructions, I finished the cake at midnight on the day of BND’s birthday and placed Michael Angelo in his cake box where he waited for his recipient.

BND had tried to guess what kind of cake I was making ‘Carrot Cake?, Chocolate Cake?, It’s a Hummingbird Cake isn’t it!’. No. No and No. So he was fairly shocked to see his favourite Ninja Turtle staring back at him as he lifted the lid on the cake box. The photo below is proof you don’t need to be between 3-10 years old to still love Ninja Turtles. Mr 32 years old looked at me at dinner and said ‘Do you think Michael Angelo is okay at home?’.

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