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… You may laugh and think ‘Cookie decorating?! Puh-lease, what a nerd!’, but listen up sunshine, nerds are the new grey and CRAFT nerds are Totes the new black.

Sunday 2 December, ten girls are sat around my dining table, gossip and giggling is at its peak, our little ‘buffet’ is made up of everyone’s goodies they’ve brought along – date scones, orange cake, mini donuts, homemade chutney and cheese, mulled wine… you get the idea, no one was going home hungry, that much was certain.

What wasn’t certain is how successful the actual reason we were all sat around the table would be.  Decorating Christmas Cookies.  I came up with the idea, I felt brave, and I had faith in these girls that they could deliver.  Having done my homework via YouTube tutorials, various websites and books, I had the general idea down.  I could now talk the lingo and when I spoke about the ’10 second rule, and couplers’ to be honest it does sound like it has a slightly seedy undertone, but I can assure you this is all royal icing consistency and piping tip related.

And we began.  Ten rowdy females suddenly found their mute button.  Silence in the room.  Everyone was concentrating so hard, possibly out of fear, but trust me, this cookie decorating thing is slightly addictive.  Even our smallest guest, baby Saskia was mesmerised by the the cookies and icing.

Four hours later, we called it quits, happy with our finished products.

You can also find links to YouTube videos and a cookie recipe over on my post at nzgirl.


  1. these are some FINE cookies! i’m anticipating a little cookie decorating of my own soon and you’ve totally raised the bar 😛
    xandra ★

    • Yaay Xandra! Craft Nerds Unite! If you need any advice, fire away ;o) xxx

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