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There’s no doubt I’m a city lovin’ gal. I love the restaurants, the shopping, the buzz of people and the festivals. But I have to admit, it’s exhausting. Living in a city as busy as London means you never truly slow down and relax. You’re always delayed on a train, squeezing in grocery shopping after a late finish at work, and at the same time trying to embrace the very reason one chooses to live in such a place, which means a constant hamster wheel lifestyle of keeping up with the latest and greatest that London offers.

This can all add up to you feeling like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards, looking like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards and wondering when you’ll ever get a decent nights sleep. Therefore, it’s simply a no-brainer when you have the chance to escape the city and make your way to the countryside to slow down, rejuvenate, and realise you’re completely and utterly exhausted from city living.

Luckily for me, The Boy Next Door has a family home in Somerset, and a family that also loves to gather for Easter.  And so, on Good Friday we made our way to the countryside.

Saturday morning, the men of the house set off for their male bonding golf session and this left me alone in the house, with a good 5 hours to myself. Lonely? Not in the slightest.

So how does a City Girl fill in her time amongst miles of green space and not a Topshop in sight?

I started my morning with bread. And coffee. Home baked bread, made by TBND’s father and wonderful Italian coffee. A combination that adds up to the perfect start to one’s day.

I may have had the Kardashian’s on Sky in the background, but please don’t judge, and I spent a couple of hours updating and tweaking my newer, much shinier blog. Yes you read right, doll face is soon to go on a permanent vacation and donuts + detours will be my new blogging home!

The sun was shining in Somerset, so I decided to get some fresh air and go exploring. Growing up in New Zealand, I spent most of my childhood outside, running around on the grass, jumping on the trampoline and swimming in the neighbours pool, so my city loving self can easily appreciate the beauty of nature in the countryside.

The cats, Tetley and Talula, which should technically be referred to as dog-cats, decided to join me on my exploring.

Walking around the estate, you come across horses and peacocks. The peacocks wander around the grounds of the main house. Their colours are truly amazing, and yes I admit, the city girl in me was thinking what a lovely dress their feathers would make.

This poor guy was completely losing his mind over the noise the peacocks were making.

Fresh air inhaled, legs stretched, and the boys back from their golf, it was time to turn our focus to lunch.

TBND’s dad, the home baked bread maker I mentioned earlier, whipped up home made mayonnaise for our burgers, topped with cheese and chunky avocado. Delicious.

The evening drew in, and this called for another walk on the estate.

TBND. My reluctant model!

TBND and his brother are two pea’s in a pod!

Little cottages are dotted around the estate’s grounds, the one in the photo above being my favourite. If you’ve seen The Holiday you’ll know what I mean when I say I was hoping Jude Law might walk out that front door any second.

The day came to a perfect end, and we wandered home to relax, before Easter Sunday and three excited little children arrived on the search for chocolate egg’s that the Easter Bunny would leave them in the back garden. To Be Continued…

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