Cheat Day | Miss Chu & Kooky Bakes

WHERE: miss chuKooky Bakes

WHAT: miss chu – Roast Duck and Banana Flower Rice Paper Rolls, Barbeque Pork Char Sui Buns, Beef Pho and some chalkboard specials of the day.
Kooky Bakes – one Chocolate Dosant and one Caramel Dosant

miss chu – This was the perfect way to start our Shoreditch Day with Miss Chu being next to Aldgate East station, we arrived for lunch, everything was unbelievably delicious and the thought that has gone into the packaging and marketing of their products is pure genius.  I’m super happy this Australian favourite winged its way to London.


Kooky Bakes –  I love Kooky Bakes and how much effort is put in to not only the presentation of their unbelievable array of baked goods, but the detailed knowledge they deliver when you ask ‘Excuse me what flavour is this cupcake?’  You will be left dazzled by the almost tongue twister tale of flavours that have been put together to create one cake, I sort of glaze over in a frosting like haze and just hear the important words like ‘chocolate’ ‘salted caramel’ and ‘buttercream’, the rest of the description is not important, and they have a buyer in me each time.

WOULD WE GO BACK AGAIN? These guys can’t get rid of me that easily.  #diehardfan.



(… except I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that it wasn’t the end and I ate too much chocolate later that evening).

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