Eat | Buy Me Brunch. Federation, Brixton Village

Saturday. Always a good day for brunch and this weekends coffee and food did not disappoint.


Brixton Village, home to many great cafes and shops, including our destination for brunch yesterday. Federation Coffee. Kiwi owned (I’m proud and patriotic in moments like these), we sat down to a meal of muesli, Greek yoghurt & raspberry compote, followed by sweetcorn fritters with Harissa yoghurt. Amazing? Yes, very! The muesli was perfect and the fritters were a refreshinginly different taste to those found on most Aus/NZ owned cafe menus. The coffee? Also faultless.

Definitely visiting again, and if you haven’t already, then you absolutely must.

Next time I’m leaving room for one of their cakes.


Love & Skinny Lattes x

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