Brunch in a Hurry | 5 Tasty yet Speedy Brunch Dishes When the Clocks Jump Forward …

I love a long, lazy weekend brunch.  However, this weekend we lose an hour on Sunday morning, because HALLELUJAH! the clocks go forward in the UK and daylight savings begins.

I also love to sleep in on the weekend, so suddenly 10 am will be 11 am with the time change and the day will go by in a flash.  I could stick with my favourite Sunday pastime of that long, lazy brunch, but I don’t want to waste the day!  So I’ve done some research for you and I both, and present you with 5 Tasty yet Speedy Brunch Dishes that you can recreate this weekend without it eating into your first day of Daylight Savings.

Eggs, parmesan and marscapone.  Three of the delicious ingredients that make up this Puffed Cheese Omelette. Super quick from start to finish. Follow the recipe over at Donna Hay.

Simple, healthy and delicious, take a look at One Two Simple Cooking for some great twists on Avocado on Toast.  A poached egg would be a quick and simple way to compliment this breakfast.

Let’s not be hero’s here.  Store bough waffles will do!  Topped with fresh blueberries and Greek yoghurt, or go savoury and add a side of bacon and eggs.

This Breakfast Tostada with spinach and hummus, is not only quick, but super delicious.  Check out the details over at An Edible Mosaic.

The options are endless here.  Choose your favourite yoghurt, Greek or plain are mine.  Add anything from granola, fresh fruit, or honey to toasted pumpkin seeds.  Add some cinnamon or ground ginger for a twist of flavour.

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