Detour | Brighton Up

I love London, but some days it’s good to get out of the craziness that surrounds you 24/7. A daytrip to Brighton is always a cheap option and a quick commute, so that is exactly what my friend and I did last weekend. Coffee and lunch. In Brighton. Because we can.

I have to admit, the crowds in Brighton drove me a little crazy, which is strange to say for a London girl, but it’s much more claustrophobic there, so everyone is weaving in and out and around each other on the busy lanes.

We made a beeline for Taylor St Baristas to start our day with delicious chai tea latte’s and vegan brownies. How incredibly Shoreditch of us.

A stroll (read: weave through crowd) along the lanes and in and out of stores, lunch was next on our list and not one to break tradition, we made our way to Bill’s of Brighton, the only place I’ve ever eaten on my visits there.

Walking off lunch, we made our way in and out of more stores and along the pier which is weird and wonderful at the same time.

Back to the station, and home to London by 7pm, in time for me to be sat on my sofa ready for The Voice. (Did I say that out loud?)

Brighton train tickets may be purchased through The Train Line or First Capital Connect.

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