Bloggers Fashion Week

Bloggers Fashion Week

Happy Monday everyone, the past week went by so quickly!  But what a lovely week it was.

As you’ll probably know Fashion Week has kicked off around the globe, runway shows and events are happening in all the major cities.  I was very fortunate to attend Bloggers Fashion Week in London last Monday and had loads of fun meeting other bloggers, testing out nail polishes, make up and looking through rails of clothes.

The dress code was black, and I somehow managed to forget that when picking out clothes for the event.  So in my usual ‘I don’t want to look like everyone else’ style, I turned up in a bloody gold sequin skirt!  Good one Annmaree!  Could I get any further from black if I tried?  Oops.  Thankfully there were a couple of other rebels amongst the bunch that dressed in more colourful hues.

I can’t deny that I felt just a wee bit smug getting a free manicure on a Monday, whilst most of London were bent over their keyboards at work, but the best part was not the free goodies or the beauty treatments.  It was meeting the other bloggers that I enjoyed the most.

Saida from Saida Cane and I happened to walk through the entrance at the same time and strike up a conversation, which then led to me meeting Katie from Kalanchoe and it was so much fun to meet these girls and completely geek out talking all things blogging.  Katie and I even continued the conversation over tea and cake later that afternoon, and she shared some of her blogging trade secrets with me, which have proved invaluable.

This blogging thing, it’s not all typing a few words and adding some accompanying photos, people!  There is serious behind the scenes work going on here!  But I love it, and I’m learning everyday.  And if it means I’m connecting with fantastic girls who are passionate about it too, then I will keep tapping away on my keyboard and adding #wiwt hashtags over on my Instagram page.

Thank you to The Bloggers Hangout for inviting me to Bloggers Fashion Week.

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